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Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Techniques You May Not Be Aware Of

Your specialist will select one of the numerous breast lift techniques. The methods vary according to the incision pattern utilized.

Your medical professional will explain the various options and you will select the one that meets your requirements and goals. Among other things, you and your doctor will consider the size of your breasts, the level to which they are drooping, your skin quality and whether you are going to receive implants in conjunction with your breast lift.

Standard Lift

When carrying out breast lift surgical treatment, doctors have actually traditionally used standard anchor-shaped incisions. This technique involves the creation of a cut around the border of the areola, a second vertical cut down to the base of the breast and a third horizontal cut along the breast crease. The anchor cut strategy will leave some long-term scarring. Nonetheless, the standard anchor technique has actually been shown to lower sagging and droopiness on the lower half of the breast. In this method, the treatment can give you a total perkier and younger figure. A lot of women appropriate prospects for this treatment, although women with smaller sized breasts will be the very best candidates.

Doughnut Breast Lift

"Doughnut mastopexy" includes less skin elimination than an anchor incision breast lift. Therefore, it will result in a substantially quicker healing time and minimal scarring. To perform this type of breast lift, your medical professional will produce circumferential incisions around your nipple and areola. In this method, he or she can eliminate restricted quantity of tissue. If you have extended or misshapen areolas, your medical professional can also reshape and resize these areas. It is very important to note that the doughnut technique may not be the optimum option if you have larger breasts.

Lollipop Lift

The "lollipop breast lift" falls midway between a basic breast lift and a doughnut mastopexy. To perform this strategy, likewise referred to as vertical mastopexy, your physician will produce an incision around your nipple and areola. A smaller cut will diminish to your breast crease. This technique generally works well if you need a moderate lift. It results in less scarring than an anchor pattern, but it provides your doctor greater versatility than she or he would have throughout a doughnut mastopexy.

Laser Bra Lift

The laser bra breast lift is an exciting new option to traditional mastopexy. It offers a longer-lasting solution for clients with sagging breasts. A laser breast lift uses the exact same laser innovation that medical professionals have utilized for years in facial cosmetic surgery. Throughout a standard breast lift surgical treatment, your doctor will simply remove the excess skin. With a modern laser bra breast lift, your medical professional will utilize the excess skin to include assistance to the underside of your breasts. Most females of all breast sizes are prospects for this strategy.

Breast Lift with Implants

Together with extended skin, you may have lost volume in your breasts. In these cases, a mastopexy with enhancement may produce better outcomes than a breast lift alone.

Selecting Your Implants

If you decide to combine the treatments, your physician will develop a thorough treatment strategy simply for you. Before your treatment, she or he will explain the different kinds of implants and help you select the best one for your needs. Your choices include:

  • Saline Implants: These implants are made from a silicone shell and filled with a seawater solution. Like many women, you might choose these implants because they normally cost less, and there is no threat of rupture.
  • Silicone Implants: These implants also have a silicone shell, but they are filled with a smooth saline option. A lot of clients and medical professionals concur that silicone implants look and feel more natural than saline implants.
  • Gummy Bear Implants: "Gummy bear," or silicone gel implants, just recently gained approval by the FDA. These solid implants keep their shape if halved, similar to the sweet for which they are named. Although not all medical professionals offer this kind of implant, they are quickly growing in popularity.

Implants may be round or teardrop-shaped, and they can be found in numerous different sizes. Your specialist can guide you in picking the shapes and size that will most fit your body type.

Positioning the Implants

A specialist might position breast augmentation above (subglandular) or listed below your pectoral muscles (submuscular). If you are integrating implants with a mastopexy, your physician will normally use the submuscular approach. He or she will place the implants initially to identify precisely just how much tissue should be gotten rid of. When the implant remains in location, your surgeon will remove the extra tissue before closing the cuts.

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