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Balance the Face with a Chin Implant

We can’t all have perfect chins, but chin enhancement or decrease can give your chin a more sculpted appearance that brings it into proportion with the rest of one's face. It is also referred to as mentoplasty. Chin surgery may either seek to augment the chin with an implant or reduce it with surgery into the underlying bone.

Do You Really Need Chin Surgery?

If you deem your chin to be out of balance, chin surgery could help to resolve your concerns. For many seeking augmentation, they generally feel their chin is either too small or too large. For those seeking reductions, the experience is that the chin is simply too large or protrudes too much.

As with all cosmetic procedures, successful candidates are normally in good overall health and free of medical complications. Likewise, satisfied patients usually would have done some research on their own prior to their consultation with their doctor, already having questions to ask at the appointment. When discussing the modus operandi, the surgeon will make sure your anticipations are reasonable.

What Exactly Is A Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation, also referred to as mentoplasty, is a surgical treatment to reshape the chin by enhancement with an implant or by moving the jawbone forward. The chin may be frail due to age-related bone absorption, congenital deficiency or abnormal alignment associated with the teeth. If the chin is small as a result of bone absorption or an individual was created with a weak chin, then a chin implant or non-surgical chin augmentation might be a great option.  If patients have misalignment associated with their teeth, they would certainly need to consider orthodontics or oral surgery as another solution to chin implants.

What Are The Various Kinds Of Mentoplasty?

There are two chin augmentation techniques a cosmetic surgeon may use to enhance your facial balance. The various forms of mentoplasty are implants and non-surgical fillers.

Chin Implants

There are numerous synthetic chin implant alternatives, including ePTFE, silicone elastomers, and porous polyethylene. Each one of these chin implant choices is very malleable and porous, which permit the implant to be held in position by soft tissue, and grow in the existing bone while healing. Some expert surgeons would rather use silicone for chin implants as they can easily be customized to produce the best shape.  Additionally, should the in-patient desire to have the procedure reversed in the foreseeable future, silicone implants can easily be removed.

The incision for a chin implant is hidden in a crease beneath the chin.  The scar is little and is well hidden with minimal visibility.

Non Surgical Augmentation

Some patients usually do not actually require surgery for improvement. The injectable filler expert may use items like Perlane, Restylane, or Restylane and collagen stimulator such as Radiesse and Sculptra making it look larger or improve it if it's recessed. These injectables can also help reduce lines and wrinkles round the upper neck and jaw line.

Additionally, facial cosmetic surgeon can place fillers in your temples, cheeks, or nose to produce a far more balanced appearance.

Who Is An Excellent Candidate For Mentoplasty?

First and foremost, you really must be in good health while having realistic expectations when it comes to the result of your surgery treatment. If your chin is receding and not in balance with the rest of the face, you may well be a candidate for a chin implant. Having said that, if your chin is too big and overly prominent then; you are a suitable candidate for a chin reduction. Schedule an appointment with your plastic surgeon to learn more about your augmentation options.


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