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Complications of a Chin Implant

Chin augmentation is an operation performed to correct a weak or receding chin. Most experts consider that it is very safe, but as with any surgical procedures, you can find risks and complications patients should become aware of.

Get Yourself Ready For Chin Augmentation

The essential difference between education and an excuse is that education comes prior to surgery while an excuse comes afterward. In order to prevent excuses, be mindful to review any possible risks and complications of procedures ahead of time.

A medical doctor should certainly make available the essential information and reply any questions you have regarding chin augmentation before the procedure. Even though complications are uncommon, it is imperative to be conscious of any possible risks.

Possible Risks & Complications of Chin Augmentation

Many people who undergo chin augmentation have become content with the results. The risk is negligible and complications are uncommon, nevertheless, they can occur. The following is a summary of potential complications that will occur as a consequence of chin augmentation:

Nerve Damage

Since you are working close to facial nerves, there was a small probability they could be damaged. Everlasting nerve damage is incredibly rare, nevertheless the mental nerves extend into the chin and lower lip and needs to be isolated and avoided during the procedure.

Movement Interference

Though it’s likely you will feel a little tightness in the chin area in the beginning, this would rapidly resolve and muscle movement ought not to be affected. Disruption or stretching of the mentalis muscle might cause the muscle to contract. Care is taken up to ensure correct placement of the muscle prior to closing.


When some other approach is employed, a tiny incision is made beneath the chin. More often than not this incision line is barely visible; however, for patients with a vigorous response to scar tissue formation, steps must be taken to manage excess scarring.

Hair Loss

Men may go through hair thinning at the incision site.


Chin implants are generally placed under the covering of the bone, or periosteum. A pocket is established while the implant is slipped into place. Usually, the implant remains securely constantly in place, but some surgeons take extra steps to make certain positioning. It’s possible that the implant may become misplaced.


To attain the proper facial balance the implant should really be positioned so your chin is symmetrical. Sometimes the right handed surgeon can square to the left, to prevent this; surgeons must always begin with the left side and finish from the right. Most qualified surgeons make a plan to ensure the implant is properly positioned and final answers are optimal.

Bone Erosion

Research indicates chin implants can cause bone erosion by wearing in the bone beneath it. More often than not erosion is minimal, but in very infrequent cases erosion can be extreme, even achieving the roots of teeth.

Complications Due to Material Used

There are numerous choices of implant materials. Some surgeons prefer silicone implants. Some materials may be much more prone to become distorted, prone to slippage or impractical to remove should you ever decide you want to reverse the procedure. Some surgeons do not make use of Gore-Tex implants because they find they compress down over time consequently they are tough to remove. If you have concerns in regards to the material your implant is made of, talk to your personal doctor concerning the options available for you.

Muscle Issues

Complications can occur once the mentalis muscle just isn't properly closed following placement of the implant. This can result to chin sag.


Some patients experience lower lip numbness after a chin implant process. This numbness is more often than not, self-limiting and can disappear in some months.

Although complications may appear, most are extremely rare. Chin augmentation is considered a safe, relatively simple procedure that creates very satisfying results. As with every surgery, the skill associated with surgeon performing chin augmentation may be the very first thing in attaining the desired results.

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