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Fixing a Weak Jaw With a Chin Implant

Most times a shrunken bite can leave you with a weak chin.  The bad bite position is obviously forcing the chin into a recessive position, thereby making your profile to be out of balance.  People erroneously get chin implants to enhance the presence or measurements

of their chin when in fact the chin is in the correct size.  With a bad bite situation even a perfectly sized chin will always look weak and out of balance.  In the place of doing an implant on a recessive chin your overbite position may be corrected which means your chin is properly located and sized.


A bite collapse may happen through no fault of yours and also at any age, but it usually progresses in the long run and without warning.  If you had an overbite at an early age, it really is certain that the overbite will deepen every year eventually leaving you with a collapsed bite.  Getting started with an overbite means you may have problems with a collapsed bite much sooner than an individual who starts out with a healthier bite.  Regardless, when the bite problem begins, the destruction is not isolated to only your mouth region.

At times the stages of a collapsed bite are totally painless, plus the symptoms are predominantly cosmetic in general.  For any other patients they experience headaches, mild to stern jaw joint pain, popping, muscle tiredness, clicking, and even pressure or ringing in the ears.  In some cases the indications are not painful or cosmetic, but instead a practical issue.  The teeth might not meet properly rendering it difficult to chew and break up food.  This will probably lead to digestive tract issues since the food is not broken down before swallowing.

Chin Implant versus Sliding Genioplasty

Mentoplasty may involve either the placement of a chin implant or perhaps the repositioning regarding the bone regarding the chin itself (sliding genioplasty) to supply increased chin projection. A sliding genioplasty may also advance the attachments of the tongue to your jaw bone that could improve sleep apnea and snoring. A sliding genioplasty in addition allows for an increase in the vertical amount of the chin. Less commonly, an overly prominent chin can be lower in size.  With either technique, the end result is an all-natural looking and feeling chin. The surgery may be carried out by means of either a small incision placed under the chin or a cut into the mouth in front of the gums.

Non Surgical Solutions for Weak Chin

The very best solution for a weak chin is not always surgery. In fact, nonsurgical chin options make it possible to strengthen the look of your chin without the long-term pain of recovery.

A weak chin produces an unequal profile and detracts from the appearance of your entire face. A weak chin can cause the look of a more substantial nose and fleshy neck and jowls. Chin augmentation balances the profile, even though the change in your chin will soon be subtle, the improvement in the overall look of the face will soon be remarkable.

Conventional chin augmentation consists of the surgical implantation of chin implants. The risks consist of scarring, infection, and implant movement, as well as the standard risks associated with surgery and anesthesia. Some surgeons use Radiesse – an injectable filler, as opposed to performing surgery for chin augmentation. The task is usually performed in two 15-minute sessions, which take place about a couple of weeks apart. This method typically results in two or three times of minor swelling. There is certainly rarely any bruising or tenderness. This really is as opposed to the standard two to a month of pain, swelling, and bruising related to traditional chin implants.

Less Pain and More Gain

Nonsurgical chin augmentation can last about one and a half to 2 years, and allows for adjustments, which compliment the natural alterations in your face. Traditional chin implants are permanent and can sometimes no longer be attractive as the face changes as time passes.

During your free initial consultation, your surgeon will evaluate your current profile, preferred end results, and clarify the procedure at length. You will have the chance to view pre and post photos, to make sure you will know precisely what to expect from the treatment.

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