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Different Kinds of Brow Lift Surgery

There are several different sorts of brow lift surgery and all sorts of these can rectify a wrinkled or furrowed forehead. They differ in the locations of incisions, how big the incisions and in just how much correction to your forehead they can provide.

Your decision of which one is best for your needs is one that ought to be decided by both you and your surgeon together.

Here are a few brow lift procedures and techniques:

  • Endoscopic Brow Lift: this sort of brow lift is more apt to be utilized for younger individuals who may not need much change in their appearance, but who have furrows that make them appear just as if these are generally incessantly scowling. Usually your surgeon is likely to make four short incisions behind your hairline, where they'll certainly be hidden by your hair.

A little camera, known as an endoscope and a tiny operating instrument are inserted through these incisions. The surgeon can weaken muscles that cause a scowling appearance and can lift the forehead, but may not be able to alter muscles that cause horizontal lines from the forehead. Excess skin is usually not removed with an endoscopic brow lift.

The disadvantages of utilizing an endoscopic technique are that large alterations in the brows and forehead may not be possible and that there is certainly a better chance the brows and forehead will droop again as time goes by than with other kinds of brow lifts.

  • Endoscopic Technique with Suture Suspension: truly the only difference from the basic endoscopic brow lift may be the use of permanent suture material to suspend muscles and tissue into the desired position. This really is accomplished either by suturing directly through the muscle or suspending the muscles with sutures from tiny screws secured to your skull. These screws might be removed later or could be slowly absorbed by the human body.

  • Full Coronal Brow Lift: The coronal brow lift is the type that is in use the longest. In this kind of brow lift, the surgeon makes a slit at the back the hairline from one ear to another. The surgeon can move or affect the brow muscles that can cause lines in the forehead as well as can remove excess skin or scalp.

The most important benefit to this sort of brow lift is that it rarely has to be repeated — the results are lasting. However, you may possibly experience lack of feeling on the top of the head around the slit. The task also raises the hairline, which is often a problem in the event that you currently have a high forehead. If you are a person with a retreating hairline, the scar could possibly be visible eventually.

  • Subcutaneous Brow Lift: this sort of lift isn't as widely used as other brow lift types. Here, the incision is manufactured across the surface of the forehead, just during the hairline. The rest of the surgery is much like the coronal lift. Excess skin can be removed. The hairline stays where it is and often lack of feeling will not occur. However, the scar can be visible, and you might want to wear your hair brushed forward or put on bangs after this sort of surgery. A number of surgeons claim making use of a slanted incision in this brow lift method leaves a lesser amount of scarring.

  • Temporal Brow Lift (also referred to as a lateral lift or lateral brow lift): This type of brow lift uses incisions put into the hairline at the temples. Your skin and underlying tissues are pulled towards the side and diagonally up and out of the center of the face. Excess tissue or skin may be removed. This particular lift can smooth out small wrinkles when you look at the forehead, all over the eyes as well in the middle of your eyebrows at the top of your nose (the glabella).

A temporal brow lift could also be used to replace a firmer turn to the face by lifting and tightening the skin around the cheeks. It really is less invasive than a coronal technique. It's best for individuals whose brows droop at the outside corners, because it does not move the guts or the middle of the brows. However, if too much pulling is performed, you could be left with an odd "cat's eye" or interesting appearance.


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