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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift or Butt Augmentation

This is a revolutionary fat transfer method and the aim is to shape and create volume for your buttocks.

This is another cosmetic procedure and it relies on your own body fat to add more volume to your buttocks. The procedure is good because it would make you youthful, rounder rear, and perky. This would help you to ensure a more contoured body type. This is body lift but it is not the same thing as body lift surgery. It is better that you know that they are not the same. Body lift surgery is meant for a different purpose. The major purpose is simply to achieve curvier buttocks and hips. That is to be achieved through buttock implants.

Buttock augmentation was done through silicone and it used to be the case until it was changed recently. There are many benefits and it is always preferred when compared to the buttock implants. Here are some of the benefits that you can derive when you use the Brazilian Butt Lift.

It is going to give you a more natural appearance. This procedure is good because it uses patient’s fatty deposits to shape their buttocks the way they want it to be.

When you are recovering from this procedure, you would discover that it is going to be less painful. Numerous people would rather this procedure compared to the butt implant surgery. It is a better choice for patients, especially if they are worried about the pain and the long recovery period that is associated with it.

Moreover, it is better in terms of scarring. You are going to suffer from minimal scars. Women who undergo the procedure could wear bikinis. You could hardly detect whether they went through that procedure.

When the procedure is completed, there is nothing like implant related complications. When you use silicone implants, you are going to suffer from complications such as displacement, leakage, visibility of the implant, as well as ruptures and implant hardening. These are avoidable when use the Brazilian butt lift. When it is fully healed, you are sure that you are not going to experience any other complications in the nearest future; this means that you do not have anything to worry about.

You are going to successfully have larger and rounder buttocks through this type of procedure. Doctors can achieve larger buttocks through this procedure than using silicone implants. It will help you get those portions of the body that have excess fat to be slimmed down.

Rounder and larger buttocks- It is possible for surgeons to create fuller and larger buttocks than they would have with silicone implants. This process would equally help in slimming down those portions of the body where excess fat exist.

What to expect when there is buttock augmentation surgery

Buttock augmentation procedure can be done through implants. It can equally be done through the transferring of fat from other parts of your body and through the combination of both procedures.

The best procedure to be carried out depends on the following conditions, and they include:

  • The buttock shape and size

  • Available fat in your body that can be used for the procedure

  • It depends on your activity level and your goal.

  • Furthermore, it depends on your elasticity, skin quality as well as the skin extra available with you.

When that procedure is going on, medications are administered for the comfort of the patient. The medications that can be applied include anaesthesia, as well as intravenous sedation. Your doctor would help you to make the right choice because he would show you all the options and you use to make your choice based on that. Irrespective of the type of augmentation that you want to undertake, it is still important that anaesthesia is used because it would ensure your overall comfort.

Buttock Implant Procedure

This involves different steps or procedures.

The first step for buttock implant procedure requires an incision. The incision can be applied to the upper buttock, the bottom side or at both gluteal creases. This is regarded as the junction where the top of your thighs would meet with your cheeks. It can be done when there is one incision on the centre of your sacrum. The length of scars that would come of it is determined by different factors, especially the areas covered by that procedure.

The second step placement of implant in this procedure is that a silicone implant is inserted and this type of implant is made just for the buttock. It is usually inserted either at the muscle or at the gluteal muscle. It can be done on each side of the buttock. The way it is to be done should depend on different factors such as the degree of enlargement, the type of implant, your doctor’s advice and your body type.

Step three is to close the incisions. When it is time, the incisions would be closed using layered sutures in the buttocks. Closing the skin is done using the surgical tape and skin adhesive.

Step four is the outcome. The outcome is visible as it does not take time before you begin to witness the result. There could be consequences such as post-surgical swelling and incision lines. This would be resolved within a short time. You are going to be happy with the outcome even as the ailments would be healing gradually. The end result is going to stay with you for your lifetime.

Fat Grafting

This procedure can equally be carried out through different stages. Here are the steps it could take to carry it out and they are as follows:

The first step is liposuction. In that procedure is carried out through liposuction. This is carried out through a small and inconspicuous incision. Before it is carried out, it is diffused through a diluted local anaesthesia. This is done to reduce both trauma and bleeding that is associated with it. This is followed by a hollow tube and which inserted to the place through the incisions. The purpose of this is to loosen the excess fat. The excess fat will be then removed from the system and sucked away through the surgical vacuum that is attached to the hollow tube. The surgeon could evacuate excess fat from your system three times more than he is going to inject to your buttocks.

The second step is fat injections. The things removed from the body such as the blood, tissue and the fat are processes and syringe is connected to the system through a cannula. Using the cannula the surgeon is going to put those fat back to the buttock, and this is done using a small injection which would be applied throughout your buttock.

Third step is the result. When the augmentation is successfully completed, you would notice that the result would be easily noticed. You should always expect the final shape would take at least one year after the procedure has been concluded. This is because it would take a while s for the fats to absorb into the buttocks. Not all the fats transferred to the system would be retained. About 20 percent may not be retained at the end of the procedure. As the wound heals, you would become satisfied with the outcome of the procedure. Moreover, as you gain or lose weight after the procedure, you would also be seeing the effect.

The type of recovery to expect:

After the procedure, it can take about five to seven days to become fully recovered because all the fats taken into the body would not be needed. The doctors could always inject more than what you are required for the procedure. The first reaction after the procedure is that that part of the body would be swollen. However, you should know as said earlier that eighty percent of the injected fats would be able to survive it.

After the procedure is completed, it may be needed that you wear compression garment for slightly more or about 3 weeks. After that procedure, you should not sit with your buttocks for the first two weeks. You can sit with your thighs and it is better to avoid sitting for a prolonged period of time. You would also require constant post op massages every day in the first one week.

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