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The Truth about Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation Breast augmentation is also known as mammoplasty. It is done to increase the shape, size, and fullness of the breast. There are other purposes breast augmentation is done. If your breast is naturally small, you can use breast augmentation to increase its size. After pregnancy, breasts sag, augmentation is to reshape the breast and restore its size after pregnancy. It could also lead to breast reduction. When there is a weight loss, the size of the breast may no longer be proportional to the body size. In such a situation, breast augmentation is done to restore the size and make it proportional to the body. After cancer treatment, breast size can be restored. When the breast is asymmetrical, breast enhancement is done to restore it.

Ways to Achieve Breast Augmentation

There are different ways of achieving breast augmentation. The best ways of achieving that include breast implants. Breast implant is regarded augmentation mammoplasty. Two major implant types include saline and silicone. The other type includes breast lift. This is done for women with sagging breast. Sometimes it can be combined with breasts implants. The other type of augmentation is fat transfer. This implies a transfer of fat.

During breast augmentation, patients have to choose between local and general anesthesia. When you apply local anesthesia the patient would be awake and observe what is going on, but this is different from general anesthesia where the patient would not be awake. Moreover, the incision would be discussed with the surgeon so that the patient should have an option to choose from. The doctor would explain all the options and the patient has to make a choice. Usually, there are three types of incisions to select from. You have to consider breast augmentation cost before you make your choice.

The type of incision the patient may opt to depend on different factors such as the degree of breast enlargement, which the patient wants as well as the type of implant the patient wants, and the patient’s anatomy and so on.

It does not take time before you begin to notice the effect of the breast augmentation. You should know that you are going to experience some side effects such as body swelling. This side effect would subside in a matter of days. As time goes on the patient would be in a position to know whether the augmentation went well or not.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

The patient would be under severe pain as soon as the anesthesia wears off. To minimize the pain of the patient would be subjected to painkillers, which would relieve the pain. It is recommended that after anesthesia that you should not drive yourself home. You should have a friend or a relative of yours that would help you during the period. If you do not have a close relative of yours, then it is advisable if you stay in the hospital for 24 hours until you were fully recovered.

After the invasive surgical procedure, the woman should be restricted on the type of physical activities she undertakes. She should not engage in any physical activity for about six weeks to ensure that she has fully recovered. However, she should be encouraged to engage on post surgical exercises. Such simple exercises that she can take include flex and move, and other simple exercises.

These days recovery time does not take that long and that is because of improvement in technology. Subglandular and submuscular placement techniques have facilitated the recovery time.

To ensure that you have a healthy recovery, you have to stick to your doctor’s advice. You must observe the type of bra you should wear and the right time to wear them.

It is recommended that the doctor follows up the doctor’s appointment especially, if the sutures used for the operation has not dissolved. It is important that you follow up the doctor’s appointment. However, you should know that dissolvable sutures would always disappear after two weeks of the operation.

There could be the possibility of an infection like warmth, fever, or redness of the breast. When you observe this, you have to alert your doctor immediately for the solution to the problem. When you experience such problems as unusual heart beats, chest pains and shortness of breath, you have to inform your surgeon without wasting time.

After the procedure, the patient would be offered some useful advice that would help them recover as soon as possible. The advice has to cover such area as to how to take care of the breast after the breast procedure. The advice would also include how you would take all the medications that have been prescribed for you to speed the recovery process. Moreover, you would be given an appointment for the next day to come for further examination, if there is any need for that. You should be informed on how to contact your physician should there be an emergency.

Women that have their implants inserted under the chest muscles should know that it takes a longer time to recover from such procedure. Moreover, such women should know that they would pass through a series of pains.


The major reason people run away from the surgical procedure is the high risks that are involved in such a procedure. There is always the fear of complication developing because of the procedure. Just as you can undergo pains and complications in other forms of surgical procedures, it is even worst in breast augmentation. If you get the services of an experienced surgeon, he would take his time and explain everything to you. There are a number of risks you can encounter at the end of the procedure. Here are the most common risks patients always complain of at the end of the procedure:

One such consequence is a problem known as capsular contracture. This problem involves the hardening of part of your body where the implant takes place. If you do not handle this with care, it would distort the shape of your implant and this can cause pain.

The other problem that can be associated with it is a painful breast. You should take pain relief to take care of that problem.

Moreover, it can cause infection. This has to be treated promptly. Another problem that can result from that is the breast sensation. This does not last for a long time. It should subside after some days.

Another constraint that may result at the end of the procedure is that the implant could leak. When that becomes the case, you need to go back for another surgical procedure to correct the problem. Another problem is breeding. It could bleed and when that becomes the case, you would need a proper medical attention. There could also be the problem of fluid accumulation.

When a breast augmentation is done, she could carry out breast-feeding. If the implant is not done correctly, it could cause breast-feeding difficulties. Because of this difficulty, it is not a good option for childbearing women to opt for this type of medical procedure. Before they do that, they should discuss that with their surgeons. This is because there is the possibility that the implant could affect the lactiferous ducts as well as the nipple nerves. She should not consult any consultant but lactation consultant. She would know what to expect after such surgery. The surgeon would guide her in deciding the best surgical procedure she should undergo.

The key to getting a better surgery is to get a qualified and licensed surgeon who is competent enough to carry out a surgical procedure. Depending on the part of the world that you reside their different criteria that would determine whether a doctor is qualified to carry out such an operation or not. Here is what you should be looking for to decide if the practitioner is qualified or not qualified for the job.

For instance, such a surgeon must be a member of the professional body. You can find out whether the surgeon is registered and certified by searching for that information at the association’s official website. If you do not see the person in the official website of the company, you would determine whether such a practitioner is certified to practice in the country. Moreover, a qualified surgeon must have at least five years of surgical training and the training must be in a recognized and reputable school.

Furthermore, you should be sure that such a surgeon has been trained in different types of medical procedures such as breast reconstruction, face and other parts of the body. Such a surgeon must be working only on accredited medical facilities. Moreover, the patient must at all times abide by the code of conduct governing such procedure. Furthermore, such a surgeon must stick to the medical education requirement, especially those that have to do with the safety standard. Such a surgeon must also be certified by the American board of plastic Surgery.

The Right Time to Do Breast Augmentation

If you need to do a breast augmentation, you should find out the right time to do it. Medical surgeons have always recommended the best time that a woman can go for this type of surgical invasive procedure. Before a woman decides to embark on that, she must be good health. This is the only way she can sustain the challenges that accompany that surgical procedure.

Secondly, it is recommended that before she embarks for the procedure, the woman must give up the smoking habit. Even if she cannot quit smoking entirely, she should at least quit smoking some weeks to the scheduled date of the invasive procedure. Smoking and that type of procedure do not go together. It could result in complications.

Thirdly, the woman should be stable and have an ideal weight. She would have the normal weight. Moreover, the woman’s breast must be fully developed before she can talk about that type of procedure. There is not to implant on if she does not have a fully developed breast. Some medical experts believed that women could wait until they have finished with child bearing before they undergo the procedure. This is not necessary unless the woman is expecting an immediate pregnancy. Research has shown that most women would experience natural breast enlargement during pregnancy and after childbirth and as such, it is not necessary for them to undergo that type of procedure because their breasts have naturally enhanced itself. That is not the situation for all women. The most important thing is that the woman must define the most suitable time for the procedure, but she has to do that based on doctor’s advice.

You must be convinced of the reason you want to engage in this type of procedure. This means that you must do it in the right course. It is not a simple operation as there are many risks involved. You should not do that because other people are doing it. You must have important and compelling reasons for you to do that.

It is important that you have a realistic expectation for the surgical procedure. You can do that by trying to understand your major reason for embarking on that and what do you expect to get after that. If there is any size that you want, if you want a more natural breast, you can always bear that at the back of your mind.

You have seen some of the risks discussed above. This means that you must know the risks that are involved in that invasive procedure. Know the risks and how to take care of such risks before you step in for the surgical procedure. It was not come to you as a surprise when you begin to witness some of the negative outcome.

When you put all these into consideration, you would be sure that you would get a proper attention when you enter the surgical procedure. It is recommended for every woman who wants to remove excess fat from the body system. Many women in America women are taking this type of medical procedure, because it is the most efficient way of shedding excess fat from the breast. Breast augmentation and after can be judged by looking at your pictures.

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