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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is another name for augmentation mammoplasty. As you can infer from the name, it is meant to be a breast reconstructive surgery. This procedure usually involves having implants put beyond the breast. The major aim of this surgical procedure is to increase the size of the breast. The size and risk of such intervention is dependent on such factors as the size of breasts enlargement. Other factors that need to take into consideration are the skin elasticity, its thickness, the breast anatomy as well as the body type.

There are several purposes which the breast implants can be used for  such as:

  • It is suitable for the enlargement of small breasts when you are worried by smallness of the size
  • It can be used to restore your breast volume after you have successful run a weight reduction program or breast feeding.
  • It is needed when you want to achieve an asymmetric breast
  • It can be used to reconstruct the breast after breast injury or mastectomy.

What are the types of breast implants procedures?

Usually the implants are meant to enlarge the size of the breast, and the size you want to achieve depends on such things like:

Saline implants

This is a breast implant and the method here is to fill the breast with sterile salt water. If the implant shell is to leak, it would lead to a situation where the whole implant would collapse. The saline would then be absorbed and would eventually be expelled through the body system.

When you perform this type of implants, you are going to observe the uniformity in shape, firmness, of the breast and feel. The procedure is safe because it is FDA approved and it can be performed on matured women of 18 years and above. The silicone substance that is added to the breast is known as the silicone gel. The gel is recommended, because you can hardly notice any difference between it and the original breast tissue. The benefit of this procedure is that in a situation where the implants leak, the gel is not expelled from the body, rather it would remain within that implant shell. There are instances where it could escape through the breast implant pocket. When a leaking implant is filled with silicone gel, you are going to observe that it would never collapse.

Gummy bear breast implant procedure

Another type of procedure that can be carried out includes the Gummy bear breast implants procedure. The shape after the procedure has been completed is round. You are going to observe that the projection is more at the bottom. The top part of the breast is tapered. If it rotates, you would observe that it would appear unusual like the shape of the breast.

To place the gummy bear implants to the breast, it would always demand a longer incision in the patient’s skin.

Round breast implants

Another common type of breast implants that are often administered to patients includes the round breast implants. The advantage of this procedure is that it can make the breast to appear fuller than other forms of procedure. When you decide to go for the higher profile form of this procedure, you observe that the breast is going to project more.

There is fear as regards rotating the breast because the shape is uniform all over.

Smooth breast implants

Another form of breast implants procedure is the smooth breast implants. You are going to get the softest feeling when you conduct this type of procedure. Usually this type of implants often moves with its breast implant pocket. This is good because you are going to love the natural movement.

The effect is that the procedure can have visible rippling.

Textured breast implants

This is another kind of procedure that is often administered to women. When the procedure is completed, you are going to observe that it would develop a scar tissue, and this is going to stick to the implant. Because of this, it is not likely that it would be moving about within the breast.

There are some advantages associated with this type of procedure.

  • The fear tight scar capsule would no longer be the case with this type of procedure.

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