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Areola Reduction

Areola Reduction Procedure

There are different sizes and shapes of the areola, just as in the case of the breast. This means that there is nothing like the correct and the wrong sizes of areola. However, women have passion about their breasts, and that is why they always feel about their breast looks. However, they can take to areola reduction procedure to resize it to the correct shape they desire. This is not a difficult procedure.

When this type of procedure is carried out, it is meant to reduce the size of the pigment portion of the skin. This is the skin around the breast nipple. Moreover, this procedure can be applied if you want to remove the puffiness observed in the areola, this procedure would make the nipples to stand out.

Why do you choose areola surgical procedure?

For several reasons, women would always opt for this type of procedure. However, the major reasons women opt for it is to look beautiful. If they had gained enormous weight, they may take that procedure to bring it to what it was before they gained more weight. Several things can cause it to go out of shape, and they include pregnancy, aging and weight. For whatever reason, the essence of the procedure is to bring the areola back to what it was before the changes.

Research has shown that areola size tend to be genetic, however it can be affected by other factors like age, and skin sag, and several other factors. There are instances where the sizes are affected by previous procedures like breast implant and weight reduction and so on. Usually this type of procedure can be combined with such other surgical procedures like augmentation surgery, breast lift, as well as breast reduction.

Usually, you cannot opt for this type of procedure for medical ground; however, you can always choose it when you feel that your breast is becoming too large or when it is becoming out of proportion with your breast. This would be the right time to go for this procedure. Breast can go out of proportion after such procedures like reduction surgery, breast lift, and enlargement that can result from breast feeding and after birth. It can be because of significant changes in wait. It can also be caused by other different factors. You can always resort to this procedure if you are not satisfied with the look of your areola. These are some of the reasons that you can opt for this kind of procedure.

What are you going to treat with areola reduction procedure?

You can use this procedure to treat some abnormalities that you observe such as the following:

Widened and enlarge areola:

This can be one condition that you can apply this procedure. Findings have shown that the ideal size of areola should be around 4.7 cm, and this is the diameter that is good for an average woman.

There are instances where the areola diameter is much bigger than this and because of that such people would opt for areola surgery to tackle such challenges. When this is done it is aimed at bringing the size down to 4.7cm.

However, the ideal diameter of the areola is determined by the appearance of the bust, and by the need for the breast to look great. When you think that there is abnormality in your breast, you can opt for this type of procedure.

Non circular areola

The ideal shape of the areola should be circular, but there are instances where the shape is not circular, rather you would observe that it is oval. When this is the shape, such women would like to take that procedure to bring about the correct shape they want for it. When that is done, the shape would come back to circular.

Raised or Domed areola

There are instances where the areola is raised or domed, and this can be caused by the forward movement of the breast. This tends to push the areola forward. The raised areola can be caused by the tubular breast abnormality. People having such a condition would want to take this type of procedure to correct the problem, and when the size is reduced, it would help to correct the problem.

Areola surface abnormalities

There are instances where there is an abnormality in the areola surfaces. When this variation is observed, the way out of the problem would be to take this kind of surgical procedure. You can notice this defect when there is a small nodule at the surface. When you want to reduce or remove the small nodules, you can take this kind of surgical procedure.

What is involved in this kind of procedure?

When this type of procedure is performed, it usually involves the removal of the circular area of the outer areola. This section is known to be brown in color. The procedure involves moving inwards those skins surrounding the area where the procedure is performed. When this procedure is carried out, you would observe that absorbable stitches are done inside the areola, and it is done to cut down the diameter. In several instances, surgeons can carryout this procedure using a permanent stich and this stich is to be placed deeply to the tissue, and this is done to make it difficult for the areola to widen in the future. Using a permanent stitch is recommended because you are guaranteed that the areola would never widen again, and it would stay in smaller sizes. Before you carryout this procedure, the surgeon would show you photos of women who undertook the procedure in the past and how successful it was. You will see what it looks like before the procedure, and what it would look like after you have completed the procedure. This would help in deciding whether to go for the procedure or not.

The ideal candidate for this procedure

Who are the ideal candidates for this kind of surgical procedure? They include people belonging to the following categories:

  • The candidate must be in a good health before she can be considered for this procedure. She must have an expectation of what to be achieved before embarking on it.
  • Secondly must be at least 18 years of age before she considers being a candidate for this procedure.
  • If you want a fast and better healing, the patient must do away with smoking
  • This is not done for medical, but for cosmetic purposes, and the aim to help the candidate to enhance her self esteem and image.

You should know that there is absolutely nothing like a perfect areola. It is meant for those who actually desire it. They are those who think that their areola is not complementing their body, and therefore they are not happy with the shape.

Are there benefits

There are some benefits that you can derive from this kind of procedure. The major benefit is that you are going to achieve a permanent reduction in the size. This removes those limitations confronting you about the look of the breast.

You can perform this procedure in local and general as well as in twilight anaesthesia. This should have a reduced down time. Apart from that, it is going to help you further because it would result in skin breast reduction and this is because it will also ensure that the nipple of your breast is elevated.

Are there risks?

Just like other kinds of surgical procedures that can be performed, there are some of risks that are associated wit the procedure. Before you embark on this type of procedure, you should always discuss with your doctor about the possible outcomes. However, there are some risks that are associated with it, and the most dreadful risk associated with it includes the following:

Infection and breading

  • You can lose your nipples sensations either temporary or permanently.
  • There could be difficulties when it comes to breastfeeding of your baby.

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