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Breast Asymmetry

Because human bodies are not symmetrical, it is possible for women to develop different shaped and sized breasts. There are instances where such differences can become pronounced that actions need to be taken in order to correct it. This is the stage of the breast is regarded as asymmetric breasts. This apart from causing embarrassment can lead to loss of self-confidence. When this becomes the case, surgery can be done to remedy the situation. The surgery can be done to match the breasts in size and in shape. Normally the correction can be to enlarge the small breast or to reduce the size of the big breast.

Each case is different and the surgical procedure to be adopted depends on what your doctor agrees with you.

Is Breast Asymmetry Safe for me?

The doctor is the person that determines whether the surgical procedure would be right for you or not. However, there are certain conditions that must exist before you become a candidate for the surgical procedure. For instance:

  • If your breasts are significantly different in shape and size
  • If you are unhappy and conscious of the differences
  • If you are not a smoker or you are ready to exit that habit six weeks to the procedure and after
  • If you are mentally and physically fit for this type of procedure, then you are qualified for the operation

However, you must discuss with your doctor for all the conditions that you must meet before you opt for this type of procedure.

Before the procedure, your doctor would provide 3D volumetric and clinical assessment of the differences and tailor it to the goals that he wants to achieve for you. It is good that you expect realistic results from this and discuss with the doctor the likely outcome.

Anesthesia Concern

Surgeries are often done under general anesthesia. It is safe these days to undergo anesthesia, but you should know the health implications. Ask for more information from your doctor. He would likely get qualified personnel for the sedation or general anesthesia.

The doctor would inquire about your general health, your medications, as well as allergies. Ensure that you update them with facts.

Any Scarring After Surgery

Always expect to get scarring after surgical procedure. You are not sure of getting the most efficient result. However, the healing process would determine a lot. Your doctor would ensure that he achieves the best result by minimizing scarring as much as possible. Scars that appear after the surgery is reddish in color, but it would gradually turn to pinkish as it fades. It could take two years before the scars would begin to disappear completely.

If your major fear is the issue of scarring, it is recommended that you discuss that with your doctor. The doctor would have solution for you like scar treatment plan, which would solve the problem. He can offer different treatment options such as silicone gel or laser treatment.

There is the Palomar Artisan laser system. This is proven very efficient in reducing scar. Laser is recommended because it provides an invasive solution to this problem. This is because it uses most advanced laser technology to deliver very fast and reliable results, these ensure that the healing time is reduced. It removes the dangers of infection and ensures you do not suffer any pain.

Where Would The Surgery Take Place?

The place it would occur depends on two factors, which include the extent of that procedure as well as the general health. This type of procedure would always require an overnight stay in the hospital. The doctor would ensure that such procedure is carried out only in a safe and accredited medical facility.

Recovery Period after the Surgical Procedure

After the surgery, you are expected to be in pain; however, with use of pain medication, the pain would be relieved as well as the discomfort that follows. After the surgery, you would expect swelling of the breast as well as its discoloration, this could last for a few weeks. Doctors usually demand that you take at least ten days off your duty to facilitate the healing process. Moreover, you must stay away from physical activities that could lead to lifting of hands. If you exercise a bit like gentle stretching, it can be beneficial and it can start from seven days after that procedure. Many people would return to their duty posts after two weeks, but that depends on the nature of your job. If it is a strenuous job, they can stay away for three to four weeks before resuming work. Your doctor would guide you with your post surgical procedures. Always stick to those instructions provided by the practice nurse or your doctor.

Can You Breast Feed After This Surgery

There is not category answer to this. Many women can have successful breastfeed after this procedure while some women do not. That entirely depends on the technique adopted, but your doctor would always discuss the likely outcome with you before he commences such an operation.

Can there be nipple sensitivity after the operation?

This could be possible and this is because such surgical procedure entails carrying out an incision in the nipples or around the nipples. Your nerves would eventually regain its consciousness, but that has to be slowly. If sensitivity would return, it can take up to one to two years. If sensitivity fails to return after that, then it is unlikely that it would return. Before you start, you have to discuss with your doctor for possible outcome of the surgery.


Whenever, you decide to go for an elective surgery, cost is very important. However, there are other considerations. You can exercise your right to be informed of the cost under the informed financial consent option. However, there are some likely costs, which you were likely going to incur because of the surgical procedure. They are as follows:

  • The doctor’s surgical fee
  • Surgical facilities cost
  • The cost of anesthesia
  • The cost of prescriptions for medication
  • The cost of post surgery garments
  • The cost of medical tests

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