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Breast Fat Transfer

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Breast Enlargement through Fat Grafting

Breast Fat TransferFat can be transferred to the breast. This procedure is sometimes called the organic breast implants. Others call it the natural breast implant. This procedure is becoming the order as lots of people are now switching over to this type of procedure and it is growing more popular. It is a unique way of enhancing your appearance.

Another name that is used to describe fat transfer is the autologous fat transfer. It is using the word autologous because the patient’s body is involved in that procedure. Doctors take fat from parts of the body where there is excess of it, to the breast to create what is known as the organic breast implants.

The truth is that in the past two decades it has witnessed that there is steady advancement in the surgical procedures across the globe because practitioners now use the new and most advanced technology and techniques. Because of this there are higher fat cells survival rates than it was in the past. To the extent, it is possible to talk of more than ninety percent fat survival rates. This is also possible for breast implants in Australia. Fat is recommended because research has shown that it has remained the best filler of any volume when one is actually needed. It would make your body to become firm again and it rejuvenate your age. It can achieve whatever the patients want to achieve.

Why choose organic breast implants instead of silicone and saline

Though, it is safe to practice saline and silicone implants. One thing with this procedure is that it would always require the introduction of foreign objects into the body system. Moreover, after the procedure, it is common to see patients complain that they feel something like rubbery that is a strange feeling inside them. The worst of all is that it could lead to complications which the patients must find a way of dealing with. Some of the complication in rupture, and this could lead to rejection. This is one reason why many people are not in a hurry for this type of procedure. If you want a traditional implant, the best option that is always available to you is nothing but surgery.

Here are some of the benefits that you are going to derive when you decide to use your own fat for this type of procedure: they are as follows:

  • It does not require breast implants
  • Your breast is going to look great and natural, and it would look like you exactly.
  • After the fat removal your body would be contoured.
  • It does not lead to much breast scarring as the fat transfer to the breast
  • Since it would look natural at the end of the procedure, it would improve your skin appearance.

It appears that the greatest benefits that one could derive from this are that for the procedure to combine two processes at a time. First patients are going to lose weight from that procedure and the breast is going to be enhanced at the same time.

Though there are great benefits that can be derived from that, one should not lose sight of the fact that it could be cost effective. Fat transfer is less than what it would cost to carry out the traditional breast augmentation process. The patient can equally receive more benefits of liposuction and this does not cost anything extra.

This procedure is currently in the active developmental phase, and that is what is expected of plastic surgery. As time goes on, it is going to improve in efficiency. Surgeons and even patients are all full of expectations of what the future is going to look like for this type of procedure. As this new method is continuously gaining ground, it is good that before you embark on this type of procedure, you get somebody that is well informed about this procedure.

The process

This procedure involves different steps. The first step that is often available is the harvesting of fat from your body system and this is done through the liposuction method. Using safer and a more advanced technique, doctors can now take fats away from areas of the body where they are surplus. Areas of surplus include your buttocks, hips and other parts of the body without creating dimples in the process. The fat taking process should not lead to losing the skin permanently. The doctor is going to sculpt the area and this would make it to look smoother and slimmer than the other parts of the body.

During this process, the cannula is then used to put fatty tissues of the parts of the body to several parts of the breast. The fat can then be delivered below the breast and that is through the pectoral muscle. It can also be deposited through the breast tissue as well.

With new methods of micro, grafting, lumps and cysts are a common issue. This is because small quantities of fat are usually delivered through various planes of the breast. It is not likely that the problem of clumping of large quantities of fats in portion of the body will happen. The idea of using this method is to ensure that fats are evenly spread to all parts of the breast. Because of that, there is an adequate supply of blood, and that is why each graft would always survive.

New techniques used in this procedure are to ensure there is an even supply of blood to the system to ensure that the whole system would survive the procedure. Due to the enhanced survival rates, the body does not absorb all the fats. Majority of the cells are going to survive and that is the major reason such implants would always last.

When the procedure is completed the patients would be required to take to prevent any infections. It takes about one to two weeks for the wounds to be healed. You are not going to experience any scar because the procedure does not require any incision.

Complications and risks

This type of surgery is considered safe nowadays. Only one third of patients subjected to anaesthesia during that procedure would experience the sickness that follows it.

Fat transfer to the breast area was once condemned because it could lead to the cysts in the breast area. This is because of dead fat tissue. Some people have said that it could lead to breast cancer. Most of the problems that are associated with it are becoming a thing from the past because of the use of modern technology for this kind of procedure. With the use of mammograms it is now easy to determine cancer and cysts forming as a result of fat transfer.


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