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Breast Implants

For various reasons women opt for Breast Augmentation procedure. The major reasons include increasing breast size, adjusting breast shape affected by age, by breastfeeding or because of breast asymmetry and genetics.

Breast augmentation procedure is more than adjusting your breast size, for the contour, as well as the shape. You can adjust the shape and the size based on what you want to achieve. When you get the right shape and size, you would achieve the right body balance and appearance.

Before you embark on the procedure, your surgeon will assist you with the right recommendation and that would help you in making the right choice. With this, you can achieve your desired result.

Breast Augmentation with Implants: How It Works

Breast augmentation surgical procedure entails unobtrusive incision on the woman’s breast, especially around the nipple or below the arm. When there is scar, it would not be pronounced and it would not take time before it disappears. Inserted inside the breast include the saline or silicone. The place you want to insert it depends on the type of results that you want to achieve.

Saline versus silicone breast implants

You choose between silicone and saline implants. Anyone you decide to do is safe, because there were advancement in technology over the years. With the assistance of your doctor, you can decide the best procedure to take and which would be suitable to your body type and your expectations.

Breast augmentation and fat transfer

Another name for this type of surgical procedures is fat transfer, fat grafts, and fat augmentation. Inside of implant breast augmentation, others can take to fat transfer. This type of procedure is done to increase the breast size.

Using this technique has been proven very effective in enhancing the breast size.

How breast augments with fat transfer is performed?

This type of procedure is usually carried out by removing the fat tissue in the patient through liposuction, as well as breast grafting to enhance the size naturally.

Fat normally occur in the breast naturally and when you add more fat from the patient, it increases the size of the breast naturally. This method is referred to as autologus fat transfer. It would equally increase the breast volume.

This type of procedure can be combined with liposuction when you want to remove fats from other parts of the body like the stomach, buttocks, thighs, you can use such fats on your breast to increase the size and look more natural after that.

This type of procedure could endure for many years in some people, while in many others the grafted fat may be absorbed into the body, such that it would shrink the breast size. It is not easy to determine the rate this fat absorption can occur.

In some patients, it is possible for such fat transfer as the graft procedure can endure for a lifetime, this usually occur when the fats are not absorbed by the body.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer and Vacuum Bra

As an alternative to implants, some patients opt for fat transfer to enhance breast size. Breast enhancement can be done using vacuum bras system such as BRAVA bra.

This fat transfer procedure is carried by removing patient’s fat and injecting them into the breast area. Large and natural looking breasts can be easily achieved through vacuum bras.

How Breast Augmentation and Fat Transfer With Vacuum Bras Work

Fat occur naturally in the breast and this can be combined with fat from other parts of the body. This would increase the volume and enhance the breast naturally.

Before the procedure is carried out, the vacuum bra is always used for ten hours daily. The bras are able to increase the space in your breast; this is helpful because the body would easily accommodate that increase naturally. The vacuum was designed in such a way that there would be steady blood inflow into the breast tissue, especially those areas affected by the transferred fat.

Unless that is available, it could result to an internal pressure within the area fat was transferred to. This could limit the effectiveness of such procedure.

Among other things, the procedure would entail the removal of fat through liposuction, as well as grafting in the breast, and this would increase the breast size in a natural way.

This procedure is less invasive and accompanied by a fast and quick recovery. When this procedure is carried out, it does not affect breast sensation and there is less risks associated with this type of procedure. With this procedure, you are sure that at least eighty percent of the transferred fat can at least subsist.

After the procedure is carried out, the vacuum bras could be used for 24 hours and after that, it should be used ten hours in one day, and this can be done for next two or three weeks after the procedure. This can achieve a better result.

The procedure can be combined with liposuction where possible to remove fats from unwanted parts of your body such as stomach, buttocks, and thighs and use such fats to increase your breast size. When you use your own fat, it would look great and natural.

This procedure can serve the patients for many years when it turns out to be successful. If the fat were absorbed into the body, it would shrink the breast and decrease the size. It is not easy to determine the rate of such absorption and the rate varies among patients.

In some patients, this procedure can be such successful that it can serve for the lifetime of the user. This is when the grafted fats were not absorbed into the body.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost ?

Cost is an important factor that you must consider after liposuction. The cost could vary but that depends on different factors. The size of the procedure to be done would determine the cost of the procedure. If you want to carry out the procedure in small areas of the body like the skin, chin, and the neck, the cost would be cheaper compared to the cost of invasive procedure in larger portions of the body. If you want to carry out that type of procedure in the thighs and the abdomen, the cost would be higher. You should expect that the cost of lipo invasive procedure range from $2,500 to $7,500.

Although the cost of liposuction is very important, but you have to consider the quality of service you get. If your aim is to get the best liposuction, then you have to pay attention to the experience and the expertise of the surgeon who would carry out that procedure. The price is very important, but most important is the quality of service you get. While you go about the procedure, you should be cautious of the so-called discount. You have to avoid that to prevent falling into the discount rack.

This warning is very important because the after effect of the procedure is very important. Choosing the cheapest surgeon could be counterproductive in the end. This is because if an unqualified surgeon were allowed to carry out that procedure, it would be more costly to engage in another surgeon to correct it. Moreover, the major aim of carryout the surgical procedure is meant to lose excess fat from the body system and trim the body to get the desired shape. You should be sure that you would fail in this if you get an unqualified surgeon to that procedure.

Here are some of the reasons you must look for an expert to carry out that surgical procedure. If you do not get an expert, you could suffer from the effect of incomplete liposuction. When you hire an unqualified surgeon to carry it out, you would discover that there would be an incomplete liposuction, which means that it is not done completely. Secondly, you could suffer from excessive liposuction, which means that it was done more than what was required. When this is the case, there could be an unnatural or a disfigured appearance at the end of the procedure. Furthermore, there could be the problem of irregular or uneven depression in some parts of the body such as the skin. When it is badly done, there is always a large scar that is left out, which is evidence that the thing was poorly done. Because of all these negative consequences, you should not overemphasis the issue of cost; instead, you should pay more attention to the expertise of the surgeon. You can compare liposuction before and after by measuring your weight.

Whom Is The Surgical Procedure Meant For ?

Liposuction is good for anybody who is having a weight problem. If you have a large fat deposit in some parts of the body, the most effective way of removing it is liposuction. When you are suffering from overweight, then you are the right candidate for this surgical procedure. You should know however that the process is not the best for the patient of obesity that is excessive overweight people.

However, you should know that the procedure is meant for those who are healthy and who are adults. Although there is no age limit for this medical procedure, it is recommended that such a person must be healthy. Age is an important factor in this type of procedure because as you advance in age, your skin would no longer be that elastic because a large fat deposit loses its ability to snap back after the medical liposuction. This means that the efficacy of the operation would depend on the skin elasticity. The procedure can be performed on almost anybody including smokers, athletes, and so on.

Liposuction could be painful; this is why it is important that medical prescriptions would be required after the medical procedure. You should know that quantity of fat you remove through the system amounts to the pain that follows it. This means that liposuction could be very painful. When severe pain persists for several weeks, it is a sign that there is a complication that follows it. Furthermore, it could be a sign that there is an infection. When the severe pain persists, you should complain to your surgeon for prompt reexamination.

The type of pain you suffer depends on the technique you use for the procedure. To reduce the pain you receive, you have to apply local anesthesia. You can apply general anesthesia depending on the portions of the body that would be affected by the procedure.

As said before the success depends on your happiness at the end of the exercise. At the end of the procedure, the patient should be comfortable, safe, and happy and fit for his normal activities. Your surgeon can always make the difference. When you hire a qualified, insured, and certified surgeon, you are going to get the best from this medical procedure.

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