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Breast Lift

Due to age, weight loss and breast-feeding which is responsible to the problem of sagging breasts or ptosis among women. Apart from childbearing women, even young women can suffer from ptosis. This can be because of weight loss or it could be because of heredity. Mastopexy can improve the position, or breast lift can remedy the situation. The system simply shapes the breast without necessarily decreasing the size.

When you undertake a breast lift implant, it can increase the firmness and volume of your breasts. It would also reposition your nipples, as well as raising the position of downward pointing nipples, and the areola size.

Breast lift surgery does not change the breast size significantly, and it does not create upper pole fullness for your breasts. For a fuller breast, you can consider breast augmentation or breast lift. For a smaller looking breast, you can consider both breast reduction and breast lift.

The place the incisions would depend on the shape and size of the breast as well as the quantity of tissues that would be done away with, the amount of skink that would be affected, as well as the patient preferences.

The surgeon adopts limited scar technique to carry out the breast lift for patients such as the following:

  1. Lejouror method

The lejouror method also known as the lollypop has two different incisions. One is to be done on the areola, and another one to be done at the lower part of the lower portion of the areola and that can be created below the breast. This system is effective, and the result can be lasting. There could be reduced scarring.

  1. Periareolar Goes Sampaio Method

This is another method and Dr Jaio Sampaio Goes started it. He was a Brazilian doctor; this has proved to be very effective in enhancing the ripples, as well as inflicting less scarring than the usual pedicle method. This type of procedure does not take more than one incision, and that is at the areola and it can equally be done in suitable areas. However, it depends on your goals, as well as your anatomy.

  1. Inverted method

This type of procedure can also be referred to as anchor or T method. This procedure is recommended for those women with very large breasts. The areola of the nipple can actually be suspended on the medial pedicle. The glandis and the skin can be red traped with anchor closure. This system could cause in horizontal and a vertical scar.

  1. The crescent lifts method

For women with minor breast lift, minimal ptosis, and Mastopexy are the best procedure for them. To carry out this procedure skin located on the areola cold be removed. This would result in minimal scars, especially at the outer edge of the areola.

Your doctors choose these techniques for you, because there are advantages with minimal scarring. It can produce a better result compared to other methods. Limited scarring techniques may not be the most suitable for many patients.

  1. The inferior pedicle method

This is regarded as a traditional method. Doctors adopt this method when it was originally used on the patient. This takes three incisions, and they include the areola and this is done vertically down on the lower part of the areola, and this can be done under the breast curve. When it is not properly done, it could result to boxy breast and in the skin thickening at the bottom of your breast.

Before the doctor performed any type of procedure, he would discuss that with you. The doctor would determine different factors such as breast shape, volume, as well as the nipple position, and breast skin. The doctor would determine what you actually want to achieve. Based on these, the doctor would carry out the type of procedure that would deliver the best result. Most times, women decide to have breast augmentation, in addition to breast lift.

Is This Procedure Good For You?

Before the procedure is carried out the doctor would determine whether breast lift surgery is good for your or not. You are qualified for the procedure when you have a sagged breast, which you are not happy with. If you are willing to give up smoking,at least six weeks before the procedure is required. However, you must know everything that is involved in the procedure, in addition to being physically and mentally ready for the system. Your doctor would discover these as well as other important information before he proceeds with this procedure. He would tell you the likely risks, as well as the complications that can follow that surgical procedure.

This type of procedure may be good for you when you are:

  • You are healthy physically
  • You expect something realistic from it
  • You have a sagging breast, which have lost its firmness and shape
  • You have a pendulous or elongated breast
  • When it is unsupported, it would fall below the crease
  • When the areolas and nipples point downward
  • When you have enlarged areolas and stretched skin

Breast lift surgery could be carried out as day procedure and under general anesthesia.

Moreover, modern anesthesia is not only effective, but also safe. It has safety issues as well. Before you proceed, you have to ask your doctor for detailed information. It is important that your doctor engage a professional anesthetist to perform the sedation.

Your surgeon would inquire about your health, as well as the medications you take, and find out those things that you have allergies. Ensure that you have update information before you proceed for the surgery.

Will There Be Any Scarring?

There could be scarring at the end of the operation, but that depends on the type of incision that you want to do. This means that there is no guarantee of perfect result. The scar would usually be reddish after the surgery, but with time, it would change to a light pink color, and it can change barely two years afterwards.

If you were afraid of scarring that could result from the procedure, your doctor would provide you with a treatment that can relief the problem after healing. There are different ways of treating it, which include laser and silicone gel.

The Palomar artisan laser system gives perfect cure after the scar reduction. Laser is a non-invasive cures and it uses fractional laser technology to giver quick result. This removes scars within a short time. Infectious risks are always minimized, if not eliminated.

Where to Carry Out the Surgery

This procedure does not usually take more than one day for it to be completed. However, it can last overnight. This means that you can stay in the hospital overnight after the surgery. Such procedures are always done in accredited and safe facilities.

What is The Recovery Time?

Usually bandages are applied to the incision after it was completed and dressed. To provide support to your breast, and minimize swelling, it is recommended that you use bra after the procedure. After the procedure, you would be in pain, but that would reduce with pain relief medications.

Moreover, you should expect swelling and discoloration of the breast after a few weeks of the procedure. To reduce the pain, doctors have always recommended that you take two weeks off. This would reduce the physical activities that you carry out. When the stitching is done gently, it would be beneficial. You can start with minimal exercises after a few days of the procedure. Some patients can return to work after ten days of the procedure. Your doctor would give you post surgery instructions on what to do and not to do. It is important that you follow the doctor’s advice to avoid complications.

Why Do My Breasts Sag Again?

This can vary from a woman to another woman. Secondly, this depends on the breast size. Breast lift result would last for a very long time and you can begin to see the effect within some months. The result would be long lasting. The breast would gradually shape and settle.

You should know that cosmetic surgery depends on the way the patient carries herself.

Incision lines are usually permanent; however, as time goes on, it would be fading. To facilitate the fading process doctors usually provide scars minimizing techniques like tape, silicone gel, as well as scar treatment.

As you age, the breast would be changing. However, you can retain your breast shape if you do any of the following:

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintain your weight

Can Nipples Lose Its Sensitivity?

Most incisions carried out take place at the nipples. Nerves do regain function, but that process can be very slow. Sensitivity can take up to two years before it is fully restored. If it fails to return after that, there is the possibility that it would never return, in this case, you have to discuss with the doctor for the solution of the problem.

A very important consideration that you should not ignore here is the cost of such procedure. You should know about the cost before you go for the surgery. This is regarded to as informed financial consent.

Costs involved include

Doctor’s surgical fee

Surgical facility costs

Anesthesia fees

Medical tests

Post surgery garments as well as

Prescriptions for your medication

After you have consulted with your surgeon, he would present you with estimate of fees as well as information pack on what you should know before the pre surgery appointment. The second appointment with your doctor should be done free. Before the surgery, a practice nurse would take pre operative photo, as well as your bras measurement.

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