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Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that is performed for the restoration of naturally shaped breast which is usually done after the mastectomy. This type of procedure can be rewarding emotionally and physically, especially for women who for a reason has lost her breast by cancer.

There are various options available for you if you want this type of procedure. You can always opt for this procedure and the major aim is to ensure that your breast is almost the same  as the one that was removed.

The reconstruction procedures:

Two types of reconstruction procedures are available and they include the flap reconstruction and the implant reconstruction. For an implant reconstruction, implants are carried out under the muscle and the skin, and that is to shape and recreate the breast. In flap reconstruction, skin, fat as well as the muscle could be taken from any part of your body to create a new breast for you. This type of procedure is always recommended, but the success depends on such factors as the health, age shape and the size of the breast as well as the type of body tissue.

The procedure can be done in different ways, this is because each woman is different, and it can be done in ways that is suitable for the physical and emotional satisfaction of each person.

Is Breast Reconstruction Safe For Me ?

Before the doctor would perform the procedure, he would first discuss with you. As an expert, your doctor would guide you in making the right choice as regards the type of breast reconstruction that is most suitable for you. However, the choice you make would depend on different factors including your age, body type, as well as the ontological procedure you have undergone in the past.

Do I need Anesthesia?

This type of procedure is usually carried out as inpatient procedure in general anesthesia. Modern anesthesia is better, effective, and safe, but there are risks associated with it as well. It is better that before you go for the procedure that you ascertain from your surgeon or anesthetist further information. Ensure that your surgeon engages the services of professional and qualified anesthetist for the sedation, as well as the general anesthesia.

Your doctor would get more information about your health, your previous medication, as well as those allergies that you used to have. It is recommended that you provide the appropriate answers to all these questions, as they would help your doctor.

Will I suffer scarring?

Usually, you have to expect scarring at the end of surgical procedure. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you are going to achieve a perfect outcome at the end of the procedure. Whether there would be scarring or not would be determined by your healing procedure. The major objective of the surgeon is to ensure that scarring is removed completely. After the procedure, scarring which is reddish in color could occur, but this would fade as time goes on, as it would turn to pink color.

If your major worry were scarring, your doctor would provide an alternative for you. He could recommend a scarring treatment that can reduce the incidence. He can recommend laser and silicone, and other treatment options.

One medication that has proven to be very effective in the treatment of scarring includes Palomar Artisan laser system. This offers a non-invasive solution. It relies on fractional laser technology in order to deliver reliable, rapid, and efficient result. The healing time can be reduced as well. Infection risks are also reduced significantly.

Where to Carry Out the Surgical Procedure

Depending on your overall health condition and the type of procedure that would be carried out, it usually could be accomplished with one-week stay in the hospital. The doctor would ensure that such procedures are carried out in accredited and safe facilities.

The Recovery Time

The recovery time differs. You are expected to be in very serious pains after a few days of the procedure. With some pain medications, the discomfort would be reduced greatly. A few weeks after the procedure is completed, you could suffer from swelling of your breast, as well as discoloration. Your doctor would always recommend that you take two weeks off after the procedure. You have to exempt yourself from those activities that lead to lifting or arms raising.

You can take to simple exercises like gentle stretching. This would be helpful after the procedure. This can only start a week after that procedure. Usually you can come back to your work after a few weeks, but if you engage in strenuous movement, you stay for three to four weeks. You would be fully advised on what you should do after the operation.


Whenever you want to go in for an elective surgery, you should always remember the issue of cost. You should know about the expected costs such as the surgical fee, facility costs, anesthetics fee, prescription cost, post-surgery garments, as well as medical tests. You should know about the informed financial consent.

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