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Breast Reduction

Women with extra large breasts in relation to their body can suffer from physical, as well as emotional pain. Other pains they can be subjected to include back and neck pain, sometimes they would find it hard to breathe properly. These are some of the effects of large breasts. Moreover, it is accompanied by emotional and psychological problems. People suffering from this can go for breast reduction surgery.

Even men can suffer from such a situation and such men are often subjected to gynaecomastia correction that is men breast reduction surgery. Before you go for that, your doctor would discuss the best options available for you.

Breast Reduction Techniques

Doctors can always select one of the following two options for large breast reduction in women.

Lejour or Lollypop Technique

This can be regarded as vertical scar lift and it usually has two incisions. One incision is at the areola and the other at the crease under the breast. This procedure is effective, the scarring can be minimal, and it would produce a lasting effect.

Periareolar Sampaio Goes Method

This technique is derived from the name of the initiator of the procedure Dr Jaio Sampaio-Goes. The system has always produced fantastic results in elevating the breast nipple and tissue. Moreover, this method does not leave scarring as the traditional inferior pedicle could do. This usually involves just one incision, and that is at the areola and this is better for selected cases.

Inverted T anchor method

This procedure is often recommended for women who have extreme large breasts. This method involves the suspension of the nipple areola at the superior medial pedicle, as well as the skin. In addition, the gland can be re-draped with an anchor closure. This method can always lead to a horizontal and vertical scar. Doctors do not normally resort to this method; they can only use it in rare cases. For breast reduction procedure, doctors would opt for the first procedure because it would lead to low scarring.

Is Breast Reduction Good For Me?

Before you go for any of the procedures, your doctor would determine whether it is good for you or not. You are always a candidate for the procedure when you meet the following conditions:

You have a very large breast causing pain

You are a non-smoker or you smoke but would give it up within the next six weeks before the procedure

You are healthy mentally, and physically

You know what it takes to carry out such a procedure

Before you go for the procedure, the doctor would discuss all these factors with you and that would guide you in the decision you make.

Do I need anesthesia?

Usually this type of procedure can be carried out in one day under general anesthesia.

These days, modern anesthesia is not only effective but also safe, but some elements of risks are still there. Your doctor would ensure that he contacts expert for the anesthesia.

Before the procedure, your doctor would get general information about your health, as well as medications you were taken in addition to those things that you were always allergies to. It is recommended that you provide your doctor the correct information, because that would help them in taking decisions that would help you out of the problem.

Expecting Any Scarring

Anytime you go for this type of procedure, you have to expect scarring. Moreover, there could be no guarantee that the outcome of such can be perfect. However, as you heal from the wound, it would determine the outcome, but be sure that your doctor would always ensure that you get the best result. Scars would always be there after the surgery and it would be reddish, as times goes on, it would gradually disappear and fade to pink. It would no longer be there after a few years.

If you were worried about scar, your doctor would always help you with scar treatment that would deal with the problem permanently. They can recommend laser scar and silicone treatment.

There is the Palomar Artisan laser system. This has been proven potent in scar reduction. This is a non-invasive solution and it delivers result fast and minimizes the healing time. It does away with infection and it is not painful.

Where Breast Reduction Takes Place

This procedure cannot take more than one day, but that depends on degree of the procedure as well as the general health condition of the patient. Your doctor would ensure that the operation is performed in a safe and accredited facility.

Recovery Period

A comprehensive bra would support the breast, this is to reduce pain and provide support to the breast as it heals from the pain. The pain can last for some days after the procedure. With medication, it would begin to subside.

You can also expect swelling as well as the discoloration of the breast after a few days. Medical experts recommend that you give yourself a few weeks off after the surgery to enhance recovery. Moreover, you have to avoid some physical activities. You can resort to gentle stretching as that could facilitate recovery, but this can start after seven days of the procedure. If you are engaged in strenuous occupation, you can take one month off. Adhere to the post surgery advice given to you by the doctor or nurses.

Breastfeeding Afterwards

Many women would always breast feed after this procedure, but it is important that you discuss with your doctor about this. He would offer you advice that would help you.

Nipples sensitivity

If the procedure involves the nipples, nerves can regain their functions, but that is always very slow. The sensitivity can return fully, but expect that it can take about two years for that to occur. If it fails to return within that time, then it may never return. You have to discuss this in detail with your doctor, as he has the solution to all these. The doctor would tell you all the likely limitations that you can encounter before you go for this surgical procedure.

Costs Involve

In any elective surgery, the issue of cost is an important consideration, though there are other considerations. You should be informed of all the costs you would likely incur for the procedure before you commence that surgery. This is often regarded as an informed financial consent. Here are some of the costs that could be associated with the procedure:

Surgical fee

Surgical facility costs

Cost of anesthesia

Prescription costs

After surgery garments

Medical tests

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