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Nipple Correction

Nipple reconstruction or correction is meant for women who for one reason or the other have inverted nipples or have lost theirs to mastectomy. There are different techniques, which can be employed to get the problem corrected such as skin grafts, cartilage flaps as well as tattooing. This surgical procedure can be done alone or in combination of other breast procedures.

Is Nipple Correction Safe for Me

Your surgeon would determine whether you are ripe for the procedure or not being experts in that field. However, you can always consider yourself candidate for the following reasons:

  • If you have inverted nipples
  • Lost yours to mastectomy
  • If your nipples embarrass you
  • You are not a smoker or you are willing to quit smoking six weeks before the procedure and afterwards
  • You are fit mentally and physically
  • Understand what the correction procedure is all about

If you are any of these, you can discuss with your doctor, as you are a candidate for such a procedure.

Do I Need Anesthesia?

Usually this surgical procedure could be performed as a day surgery and can be carried out under twilight sedation anesthesia. However, when it is to be combined with other procedures like breast augmentation, it can be done under general anesthesia. Your doctor would discuss this with you.

Modern anesthesia is effective and safe, but there are risks involved as well. Your doctor can always provide additional information. Your doctor would engage the best anesthetist for sedation or general anesthesia.

Prior to the procedure, your doctor would ascertain from you, your general medical history such as overall health, current medication, as well as allergies and other useful information. Always provide accurate answers to all the questions.

Scarring Concern

Always expect scarring for surgical procedure. You should not always be expecting the best outcome. Your healing determines the outcome, especially scarring. However, the major concern of your surgeon is to ensure that you get the best result. The scarring would be reddish after the procedure, but the color can change to pink later, it would become unnoticeable after a few years.

However, if your major concern is about scarring, you should better discuss that with you surgeon before the procedure commences. He could provide medication for quick scar healing. Some healing options include laser and silicone gel treatment.

In addition, Palomar Artisan laser system is available, which can facilitate the healing process. Laser is a non-invasive solution, and it relies on fraction laser technology to offer quick result. It is better, because apart from healing very fast, it reduces the risk of infection and does not cause any pain to the user.

Where Does The Surgery Will Take Place?

Your doctor would ensure that the Nipple reconstruction and correction procedure takes place in accredited facility.

Recovery Time after the Surgery

You would be in pain after the surgery, but it is associated with discomfort and pain. Swelling of the breasts as well as discoloration of the breast is always expected. You can resume your work within a few days, but you must avoid strenuous activities for two weeks after the procedure. Your doctor would provide you with post surgical instructions that would guide you after the procedure.

Breast Feeding After the Surgery

It would be impossible for you to breast feed if you have an inverted nipple correction procedure. This is because the milk ducts have been tampered with. You doctor would discuss this with you before the procedure.

Losing Nipples Sensitivity

There is the possibility that you can lose nipple sensitivity since the incision would be in the nipples. Nerves can regain their functions, but that can be very slow. Sensitivity can be restored after two years, as it has to be slow in coming back. Before the procedure commences, you can discuss with your doctor about that.


In an elective surgical procedure, cost can be a concern, but that is not the only concern. You can exercise your right to be informed under the informed financial consent to ascertain the cost. The costs can be broken down as follows:

  • Surgical fee
  • Hospital fee
  • Anesthesia cost
  • Prescriptions cost
  • Medical tests
  • Post surgery garments

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