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Brow Lift Surgery

Brow Lift Surgery

Another surgical procedure is the brow lift surgery. This is a surgical procedure that is done on the forehead. The aim of this procedure is to ensure that you are younger than your age and it is going to improve on the appearance of your face. The procedure is to help reposition your drooping eyebrows which would help a lot in removing frown lines that are found on the forehead. This usually occurs as one advance in age. This surgical procedure is common among women at Centre for surgery. This procedure is not only good for women; it is good for the men as well, especially as they reach the age of forty years and above.

There are at least two types of brow lift procedures, and these are meant to satisfy the need of individuals who want to undertake this type of procedure. You are also good for this type of procedure if your upper eyelid is drooping.

Who is good for this type of procedure?

It is good for you if you are experiencing a brow appearance and this appearance is looking recessed, depressed or fatigued. This procedure would be necessary for you to find an end to this problem. Moreover, if you suffer from brow asymmetry, then it can be corrected with this kind of procedure. When you are suffering from a depressed brow, the upper eyelid could need correction. Brow lift procedure can be done along with other procedures. The aim would be to revive the upper part of the body. Here are some of the procedures including the midface lift as well as blepharoplasty.

What are you going to achieve with this procedure?

Here are some of the things that you can easily achieve with this kind of procedure.

  • First is that it can lead to uplifting the brow level, especially of your eyelids. This way your youthful appearance would once more be restored.
  • It would lead to the thick set brows correction and when this is done, it can rejuvenate the face.

Moreover, thick set brows can be done which helps to make the face younger

It can also lead to brow asymmetry that can be easily corrected

In the same way, it is possible to correct low brows through the procedure, and this could help very well in optimizing the upper eyelids

Furthermore, the procedure can be used to reduce wrinkle on the forehead. It is more effective in combating forehead wrinkles than other methods like the botox injections

It is also effective when it comes to removing those frown line between your eyebrows

This procedure is unique because it can be personalized for any patient, and a well artistic facial plastic surgeon can always make a great difference. It is the best surgical procedure that can help you to achieve the type of result you are looking for, especially if you want to look younger than your age.

What types of procedures are performed through this method?

You can carry out brow lift together with any of the following procedures:

The first procedure is known as the blepharoplasty. This can take place in lower and the upper part of the eyelids

It can be done together with mid facelift and this can be used to raise the facial structures in the centre of the face.

When brow lift is combined with blepharoplasty, it can be used to correct some of the aged signs such as hanging appearances that can be observed in the upper part of the face.

Botox injections are often used for the fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. After this type of surgery, you can still observe that botox can be combined with it to enhance the final results that you can get from it.

Brow lift types

There are different ways which this procedure can be performed. The different ways of doing it generally requires a number of tools. The aim is to enhance the brow appearance at the end of the procedure.

Centre for Surgery in carrying out this type of procedure and they use different personalized treatment plans. The most important thing about the personalized system is that it is targeted at your preferences and your needs. However, you have to consider a number of factors when you want to carry out this procedure. The important factors that you must consider include age, brow position, facial shape and tissue thickness and so on.

One of the common types includes the traditional brow lift. This would involve using a high incision which has to be done above the hairline and after the forehead area lifting. This method is good for female patients. For those patients that suffer from minimal hair thinning, this method is a way to help out of the problem. It would in addressing the brow problem observed in this situation. The most important thing that you get from here is that this does not require an incision of your forehead. Even when there is a scar, you would discover that it is hidden where nobody can easily detect it.

The other type is called the male brow lift. This method is named because it was meant specifically for the men. In doing this, an incision can be done very close to the eyebrow. After that procedure, the forehead is made smooth and tight again. For those men with male pattern baldness, this procedure can be of immense help. The pull is not done upwards, it is done downwards. When there is a scar at the end of the procedure, it would not be seen because it would be covered where it would not be detected easily.

Another type is called the minimally invasive brow lift; this is good for men who are suffering from very visible forehead creases. This type of procedure is always performed at the forehead crease. The aim of doing this is to lift the eyebrows to the level where the patient would always prefer it. During the procedure any problem like asymmetry can be tackled and the proper eyelid shape can be achieved in the process. It would be done according to the way the patient has desired it. Though there could be incisions, it is often shortened and it is better than what you get in the previous methods described above. The procedure can be done under local anaesthesia, as well as tight sedation and so on.

Another type of brow lift procedure is the endoscopic brow lift. It is also a minimal invasive method and this involves three small incisions that are done just above the hairline. One consequence with this method is that patients could suffer from nerve injury. When it comes to correction when there is an error, it is not significant and it cannot compare to what you get in the other types of procedures. The centre for Surgery does not offer this type of procedure at the centre.

Recovery at the end of the procedure

When the surgery is done, the patient must wear brow lift compression garment. After the surgery, there could be side effects like swelling and bruising but this can be observed for a few days after that procedure. To avoid any side effect like swelling, it is recommended that patients taking should not go to the gym for at least the first two weeks. When you are through with procedure, we would always keep in contact to monitor your performance. A week after the procedure, the condition would be reviewed.

Differences between brow lift and eyelid surgery

When you are aging, all parts of your face would be affected. Your eyes are going to show the most prominent aging feature. The brow lift procedure or the eyelid surgery can be done at the same time or separately. Your surgeon would assist you in making the right decision when you are confronted with option.

Tackling the human aging signs is a complex thing to do and this would require a delicate activity to be concluded. The eyelid tissues are meant to interact with the soft eyelid tissues and this can form a harmonious unit. The eyelid lifting has its own impacts and it can lead to the loosening of the eyelid skin. When the upper eyelid region is well refined in can affect the eyebrows because it can bring it lower than it used to be.

When this handled by experts, you would see that blepharoplasty, brow lift can be complementary. The two are different ways of tackling aging related signs on the face.

With brow lift, the eyebrows can be elevated to its previous position but that is always dependent on what the patient actually wants to achieve. But you can achieve a younger look through that process.

Moreover when there is vertical musculature, it can be treated during brow lift procedure which can help in reducing the vertical lines within the eyebrows.

In the same way, when there is a redundant upper eyelid skin or fat pads, it can be addressed through blepharoplasty and that can be done during this surgical procedure.

Loose skin and as well as the upper eyelid drooping, it can be treated during this procedure.

Safety considerations while considering the procedure

If you decide to engage in a plastic surgery, know it that it is your personal decision. Before you decide to embark on that procedure, you must determine whether you want that procedure or you do not want it and that depends on whether it would achieve your goals. However, you must be aware of the complications that are associated with it.

Before the procedure commences, you would be required to give your consent and that is to ensure that you fully understand what you want to engage in after knowing risks that are involved in it.

Here are some of the risks that are associated with this type of procedure; they include bleeding, elevated hairline and loss of hairs especially at the incision place. Other risks include facial asymmetry, dryness or eye irritation, fluid accumulation, facial nerve injury weakness as well as paralysis, infection, poor wound healing, numbness and changes in the skin sensation, possibility repeated surgery, persistent pain, skin loss, skin swelling and discoloration and so on.

There is also the danger of unfavourable scarring and risk of blood clots, though this is rare.

It is important that you understand the risks that are involved, give your consent before any plastic surgery can take place. Anything that you do not understand must be directed to your plastic surgeon, who would help you with an answer.

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