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Cheek Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation to Restore Your Facial VoluneCheek augmentation to restore your facial volume

If your cheeks have lost its volume, then you require cheek augmentation to correct that problem. Many people who have got flat cheeks would like to correct it because failure to do so would make them to look old. There are cheek implants which are used to restore the volume of your cheek and to reshape it as well. When you reshape your cheek, it would restore your facial contours and give the desired shape, which would be more pleasurable. It leads to the more aesthetically and beautiful look. Usually such procedure is used to improve between your chin, nose and forehead. Cheek implants can be of immense help to the patient because apart from restoring their age, it can help to improve their self confidence. This is most useful for those with flat cheek which is not in conformity with other facial features.

A normal cheek should be easily detected and it is prominent when it is below the lower eyelid level. It should always provide an oval shape curve to your face. When the cheek lacks volume or when it is flattened, it is not good for the face because it gives it a thin appearance, and it portrays it to be aged. Many people would not like this. There could be instances where the flat cheek could arise as a result of genetic feature. It can also arise because of trauma which occurs as a result of ageing. The face aesthetics demand that every part of it must be in harmony with one another. It is not good to the eyes because a flattened cheek could cause a facial imbalance to the beauty of the cheeks, mouth and nose. The best way to come out of that situation is through cheek augmentation.

How to carry out cheek augmentation procedure

This procedure can be performed at the Centre for Surgery under twilight anaesthesia. This implies that discomfort and pain associated with it can be reduced to the barest minimum. This procedure can be completed with one hour.

This kind of surgical operation is usually combined with other facial procedures like Brow lift, facelift, neck lift as well as chin implants.

What can you expect from cheek augmentation?

Patients going through such intervention do not go through severe or extensive pain. The patients could suffer from numbness for one to two months. However, the pain could be worse and subside within a short time. After the procedure has been completed, you are going to expect some bruising and swelling and this could last within the first few days.

When the operation is done, you have to put on support garment. This helps ensure that the implant would stick to its position after the procedure has been completed. It is possible that this type of procedure can be completed without scarring. But in some cases the surgical operation can be more complex and difficult. It depends on the expertise of the surgeon. However, before the procedure is done, it is necessary that you discuss everything with your surgeon. Understand everything that is involved before you embark on that procedure.

The outcome would be promising. The spot would look large because it would be swelling after the surgical operation. There could be pain associated during the recovery period. However, seven months after that intervention has been completed, you could expect to see the final outcome of it.

Its recovery process

After the completion of that operation, bruising and swelling of the cheek are expected. To relief from such situation, your doctor should prescribe pain relief medication for you. It is expected that this would put to an end to the discomfort that you would be passing through.

It is possible for you to return to your duty post one week after that procedure has been completed. However, you have to avoid extensive physical activities, especially those that involve in the gyms. You have to give enough time like six weeks before you resume them.

The benefits of this augmentation

There are several benefits that can be obtained from this type of procedure. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It enhances the cheeks periorbital region
  • It helps the patients to achieve fuller cheeks and makes them to look very young again. It is going to make them very attractive.
  • Furthermore, it is to ensure that the cheek is aesthetically enhanced.
  • It helps to boost the self esteem of the patient and restore their confidence as well.

Who is suitable for this kind of procedure?

It is expected that anybody who wants to go through this kind of surgical operation must be of a radiant health, because without good health, it would be difficult to achieve this surgical procedure.

Some practitioners do not agree to treat patients who are known to be below 18 years of age.

You can heal faster if you stay away from smoking after the procedure is completed.

This procedure is done for cosmetic purposes only; it is not done for any medical purpose. It would improve your aesthetic values.

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