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Chin Implant: Issues That May Arise

A receding or weak chin can effectively be corrected with a chin augmentation using the chin implant surgery procedure. Although the majority of experts consider the procedure as safe, just like every medical procedure, you should be aware that it involves some probable minor complications and risks.

What differentiates education from excuse is that the former comes before the procedure and the later comes after it according to Dr. Samuel Lam, a professional plastic surgeon. You should carefully and meticulously review all possible complications and risks with your surgeon in advance. The expert should give you all necessary information and answer all your questions about chin implants before the surgery procedure. Although they seldom occur, it is very vital that you are aware of all potential complications and risks.

Probable Chin Implant Complications and Risks

A lot of patients emerge from their chin implant surgery procedures very satisfied with their outcomes. Complications rarely happen and risks are negligible but the possibility of them happening even though minute is still there. Probable chin implant complications that may arise comprise;

  • Movement Obstruction: Even though you might initially have some muscle tightness around the chin, this should disappear quickly. The muscle can contract due to disrupting or stretching the mentalis muscle. So the muscle should be properly placed before closing during surgery.
  • Hair Loss: This affects only male patients and the loss is at the site of incision.
  • Asymmetry: The implant needs to be positioned so the chin is symmetrical to obtain the right and natural facial balance. To obtain optimum outcomes, majority of surgeons ensure that the implants are positioned properly.
  • Muscles Problems: A chin sag complication can happen if the mentalis muscle is improperly closed after placing the implant.
  • Numbness: Numbness of the lower lip occurs in some patients after the procedure. The self-limiting numbness usually goes away after some months.
  • Nerve Impairment: There is a minute possibility that facial nerves get damaged since you are working very close to them. Everlasting nerve impairment is very rare, but mental nerves reach all the way to the chin and lower lip. They need to be avoided and isolated during the surgery.
  • Scarring: A tiny incision is made below the chin if an outside method of the chin implant surgery is used. The incision line is normally not quite visible in a majority of cases. But for patients that respond to scar tissue vigorously, effective steps for managing excess scarring must be taken to prevent the complication.
  • Displacement: Normally, chin implants are positioned below the periosteum or bone covering. The implant is slipped into its stable position inside a previously created bucket. Even though the bucket normally remains in a secured position, some surgeons take additional measures to ensure that they are properly positioned. I normally sew the implant to the periosteum to prevent it from moving because, there is a small chance that it can be displaced says Dr. Lam.
  • Complications Due To Utilized Materials: Chin Implant materials come in many options. Some materials are more likely to be given to spillage or become distorted. Some might even be irremovable should there be a need to reverse the chin implant surgery procedure. Talk to your surgeon about your available options if you are concerned about the material used in making your implant.
  • Bone Wear: Studies have indicated that chin implants can bring about bone erosion. This is because of the wearing effect they have on the bone below the chin. Though very minimal in most cases, the complication can be extreme in rare cases reaching teeth roots.

Even though complications exist, majority are very rare. As with all procedures, the expertise and experience of your surgeon is a vital factor for desired outcomes. With all said and done, chin implant surgery is still a relatively simple and safe procedure that offers very fulfilling outcomes.

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