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Dimple surgical Creation Procedure

Dimples refer to those minor depressions of both sides of your cheek. You can always notice this anytime you put up a smile. This can be natural for some people and it is caused when the cheek muscle becomes weak. Most affected is the buccinator muscle. When there are dimples, you are going to enjoy a more natural look. Some cultures in the world have great reverence for it, because it can be regarded by them as evidence of good luck. If you do not have these dimples naturally, it can be created through plastic surgery. The process through which it is created is called dimpleplasty. This procedure is simple and safe.

What happens before you go for this surgical procedure?

Before the doctor commences the procedure, he must examine you during consultation. He/she would try to get detailed information about your medical history. Moreover, your surgeon would try to get detailed information about your previous or existing medical conditions before he/she would agree to operate on you. They would try to understand your medications, as well as your allergies before they commence with the procedure. All these would help them in taking the right decision about your condition.

If after examining your previous and existing medical conditions and he/she believes that you are the right candidate for the procedure, he/she would then examine your cheek. He/she would examine both the inside and outside with the aim of determining where the dimples are located within you.

What the doctor does is that he/she can modify your dimples based on the shape, size as well as the location you want. A lot depends on the depth of your dimples. Whatever is the situation, the doctor would modify it according to your preferences. If you were using medications previously, the surgeon may recommend that you stop that medication.

What happens when the process is going on?

The surgeon would first mark the location they observed the dimples on your cheek. After that they would decide to give you local anaesthesia. This means that you have to be awake while that procedure is going on. You would be awake so as to provide the opportunity to move your cheeks while the procedure is going on.

This procedure does not demand any incisions because it would be done inside your cheek. This means that there would be no cuts of any kind. However, there may be a small incision inside of your mouth and not the outside of your mouth. This would enable them to do away with some cheek muscle and fat tissues. Your cheek skin would not be tampered with at all. When those things were removed, the surgeon would use dissolvable suture to pull your cheek bottom surface together. Your cheek inside would then be closed using the same dissolvable sutures. It is used because it is going to dissolve within a few days. When this is completed, you would observe that it would create what looks like a concave look when you observe from the outside. This is the dimples and it has been formed.

After procedure recovery and what are the necessary precautions

This procedure should not last more than thirty minutes. This means that it can be done within the day. You can be discharged from the health facilities after the procedure, and you would be allowed to go home the same day. You are going to recover fast, but know in that the recovery would depend on different factors including your age. It also depends on such other conditions like post operative care given to it and the physical condition and so on. However, you have to expect some minimal swelling after the completion of that procedure. This swelling will subside after a few days. The surgeon is going to prescribe some medications for you such as antibiotic medications, as well as antiseptic mouth rinses. This is to ensure that the pain does not get out of hand and to help you to manage your health very well. It would ensure that you do not suffer from any infection.

A few days after the procedure has been completed, you may be subjected to the consumption of soft foods. You can start taking such foods as soon as the effect of the anaesthesia has subsided. However, during this recovery period, it is advisable that you abstain from eating hard foods, as well as spicy foods. In the next morning, you are going to start your usual activities. Expect that the wound heals anytime from one to two weeks after the completion of that procedure. After it has healed, you are going to observe the difference in terms of dimple appearance in your face. It would fully appear in your face within the next two to three months.

What are the risks involved in this procedure?

This is generally regarded as a safe procedure and that is why it is simple to observe complications associated with that procedure. However, there could be complications just as the case with several other surgical procedures. Here are some of the complications that could arise after the procedure. They are as follows:

  • There could be bleeding. However, it is preventable by avoiding consumption of such medications like anticoagulants just before you go in for that procedure.
  • Secondly, there could be infection. This can equally be avoided by using antibiotics prescribed by your doctor to avoid infection, especially when the procedure has been concluded.
  • Thirdly, some patients could suffer intraoperative injury. You may not know it, but it is possible that you can sustain nerve injury during the procedure. When this becomes the case, it would require another surgical procedure to repair. This is why you must look for an expert for this type of procedure.

Moreover, there could be such a problem like dimple asymmetry. This means that there is a change in the dimple position and this could result in repeated surgery.

As said before, all these are rare.

How long does it take to complete this procedure?

This procedure should not take more than thirty minutes for it to be completed. This procedure can be performed in the office and it is usually done under local anaesthesia. If you like the doctor could perform that operation on the same day that you consulted him. This could be a good option if you are coming from a distance.

Is this procedure permanent?

This procedure is expected to be permanent dimple and this is always the case in at least ninety percent of the time it is carried out. It is not possible for the sutures to break immediately after the procedure has been concluded. If it forms an inadequate scar tissue, the dimple coming out of it would be shallow and could easily disappear. This is one of the negative effects of performing this type of surgical procedure.

When would it look natural?

When the dimple procedure has been successfully completed, you are going to observe the dimples even when you are not smiling. There is no definite period as to when it would become possible as it can take anything from some days to weeks, as well as many months and so on.

As the dimple procedure heals, you would observe that it would flatten out gradually as you put up a smile. It will always be present anytime that you smile. Moreover, it is possible that indentation would last longer, but this situation is usually not the case. It is better to be cautious while performing and recovering from this procedure. It is better to make projects for indentation than not expecting it all. Before the procedure starts, your doctor would show you some examples of people who have gone through that procedure, and what they actually looked like at the end of the procedure.

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