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Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repairs procedure

Another important plastic surgical procedure that can be performed is the ear lobe surgery. This procedure is needed in order to restore the ear lobe appearance. This is necessary for those patients that have suffered trauma or injury in their ear lobe area previously.

Several factors can result to the destruction of the ear lobe. For instance, wearing an oversized earrings or error in piercing could become a problem, because it could stretch, tear, and even damage the ear lobe. When the damage has gone beyond natural recovery, then such persons can opt for this type of procedure to get that error corrected. It is known that trending in fashion like ear plugs, gauges, as well as tunnels as well several other fashions that can affect the ears can lead to deformations of the ear lobe. This deformation when they occur would not look nice, because they would not be cured naturally. If it is not repaired, you would observe that this damage is going to be permanent. Ear lobe reconstruction and ear lobe repair are the best ways you can restore your ears if you are affected by that situation.

There are instances where stretched ear lobes are caused by such other reasons like earrings getting trapped in your clothing. Small children can pull your earrings, and it can damage the ear lobe. Any of these and several other factors can cause extensive damage to your ear lobes. When you are looking for a plastic surgeon to get that problem corrected, it is advisable that you seek an experienced surgeon to do it for you. If you engage the services of an inexperience surgeon, he would do a bad job and the scars it would leave behind would become noticeable. When there is a big scar, or notch in the ear lobe as a result of the surgical procedure, it would become difficult for the ear to be pierced again.

Apart from the ear lobe being injured as a result of several factors, there are instances where patients want to carry out the procedure because they are not satisfied with the ear lobes sizes. They may not like it because it is going to be too large for their likings. For such people the only way out of that problem is by restructuring or carrying out surgical procedure. When the services of experts are engaged, they would help in restructuring the ears, and they do it by removing excess ear lobe tissue. It is always advised that anytime that you want to engage in this type of surgical procedure that you have to look for a qualified surgeon. You are going to discuss with the surgeon on the best way to restructure and restore your ear lobes. With the experience in this type of repair, you would discover that a good job would be done at the end of the day.

Why undertake ear lob repair

When the ear lobe is going to be stretched may be for tribal reasoning, it is important that it is not pierced beyond the normal diameter. This is because it would be difficult for the hole created out of the system to contract to what should be the original size easily. The consequence is that there is going to be an ear lobe that is abnormal because of the size. When this becomes the case, it would be difficult for the ear lobe to be hidden with your hairs. When it becomes obvious to you that this is affecting you and that it is affecting your work or your lifestyle, then you can opt for this kind of surgical procedure. If you consult Centre for Surgery, they provide various kinds of surgical procedures, and these treatment options can provide solutions to your problems.

What are the dangers associated with ear stretching

There are dangers that are associated with ear stretching. Some of them are as follows:

  • First is that the problem could cause ear blow cut. This usually happens when the skin in the ear lobe is damaged through back piercing.
  • Ear lobe repair can then become the only option that is available for you to get back your ears to the normal size.
  • This can lead to a severe pain

The repair procedure

Surgeons at Centre for Surgery are considered the best as far as ear lobe procedure is concerned. When this procedure is to be carried out, it would be done under the local anaesthesia and this can take anything from thirty to forty minutes for it to be concluded.

Surgeons working at the centre carry out a meticulous technique even for widely dilated ear lobes; the results that come out of this are usually consistent. The procedure would require the removal of the excess tissue and this is always done by using external as well as internal stitches in your ear lobe and it is done to create a normal shape after the procedure has been completed.

After the surgical procedure

When the surgical procedure has been completed, you may observe something like small scars in the ears. At first this would be reddish and turns to the pale silver color eventually. After about four to six months of the procedure, the ear lobe should be restored and there could be no evidence that something was done to the ear lobe before. After about two months, you can re-pierce the ear lobe if you want.

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