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Eyelid Surgery

The Blepharoplasty eyelid surgery

You can actually look older than your age because of the appearance of the periorbital region. It may look ugly and tired. A surgical procedure can be done to correct it, and this type of surgical procedure is called the eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. With this type of surgical procedure, you would discover that your surgeon can help you a lot by revitalizing its periorbital region. Included in this region is the eyelids, and its support tissues, lower eyelid, and so on. The procedure is done to improve the eyelid appearance. When it is done, it makes the patients look more youthful than the actual age; they can actually appear younger than their real ages. It also makes them to look more alert.

If you visit Centre for surgery, these procedures can be carried out without difficulties and they can perform both the lower blepharoplasty, and the upper blepharoplasty.

The Upper Blepharoplasty

This is the type of procedure that involves skin removal. Usual when the skin is loose, this can cause several wrinkles in the face. You can ask for a repair from a surgeon. The surgeon can equally help you to correct the problem of droopiness in the eyelid structures and so on.

Lower Blepharoplasty

This is the type of surgery that is performed on the lower eyelid. When this is done, the surgeon would remove some of the fats located in the lower eyelid, and this would ensure that those saggy elements within the eyelids are removed. The technique to be deployed for this type of procedure would depend on the portion with the stretched skin, as well as the quantity of fatty deposits found in that part of the skin. When you consult the doctor, he would analyse your condition, and determine the best way to tackle that problem.

The effect of Asian blepharoplasty

About half population of the Asians are born without an upper eyelid crease that can be said to be visible. If you do not have one, then you can consult an Asian oculoplastic plastic surgeon to help you out of that problem. They can do several things for you, and the most important among them is the creation of the upper eyelid crease and this would enhance the shape. This means that you are going to look for a special surgeon that has acquired the skill and expertise about such procedures over the years. While looking for one, it is necessary that you observe the differences that exist between Asian eyelids with that of the Caucasian. The difference is that those of the Caucasians are larger than those of the Asian eyelid crease. Apart from that the Caucasians are closer to their eyelashes. The importance of this procedure is that you get an eyelid crease that must be different from those of the Caucasians. The most important thing that you must note here is that the goal must be to create a new looking that is unique and natural.

Why go for the blepharoplasty

There are several reasons you can opt for this type of procedure. To start with, there are many oculoplastic surgeons are among the best in the world and they have an extensive experience when it comes to this type of surgery. Here are indications that you can go for this kind of surgical procedure:

  • The skin is losing: when the skin is losing around the eyelid, it sends a wrong signal about you, because it portrays you as aged person. When this is the case, you require this procedure to smoothen it.
  • Droopy eyelids: when you suffer from droopy eyelids, it is an indication that you are suitable for this procedure. When you have an excess upper eyelid, it sends a wrong signal, and it tells others that you are looking tired, and that you are fatigued and it can even impair your visions. If that is the situation, you require this procedure.
  • Eye bags: if you are aging you are going to observe something like eye bags, and these are below your eyes. When there is over stretching of the eyelid, it can lead to that problem. If that is the situation, then you can take this procedure to correct that problem.
  • Droopy eyes become heavy: when the droopy problem becomes too much, this sends a wrong signal because it would always make you to look tired at every time. If that is the problem with you, then you can go for this type of surgery to get that problem corrected. You have to select the best from the Centre for Surgery. This is recommended because they are specialized and they are going to deliver an excellent result for you.

Is this procedure good for you?

If you want your periorbital region to become enhanced, then you are the right candidate for this procedure. This procedure is good for seniors. This is because, you need this procedure to restore the skin when the elasticity diminishes, which is often the case with some older people. Moreover, many people of the Asian origin will require this kind of procedure. They would require lower blepharoplasty and this is for the lower eyelids when it is drooping, which is always the case with the Asians. It can restore the skin and tighten it again.

You can opt for this procedure if you have satisfied the following conditions, and they are as follows:

  • You are not a smoker, and you want to get the best result from this type of procedure.

Reasons for blepharoplasty

Here are some of the reasons you can always opt for this kind of procedure: they are as follows:

  • When you suffer from periorbital puffiness, this sends wrong signals about your age
  • When you have droopy eyelids and this always make the impression that you are tired or you are lacking energy
  • When you have droopy eyelids and this makes it difficult for you to see very well.

Brow lifts surgery and the results of blepharoplasty

You can take to brow lift surgery because it is going to enhance the outcome of the procedure when it is completed. This is because it is going to help in reducing the creases that occur across your forehead. It would equally reduce that ace observed in the bridge close to your nose. Furthermore, it would help to reposition your sagging eyebrows and so on.

This is better than eyelid surgery done alone, because it makes the patient to actually look younger than their real age. Moreover, it is going to make you to look healthy in your appearance.

Even if you would do that, you need to discuss with your doctor who is in a better position to determine which one would be the best for you.

The consultation

When you want to consult your surgeon for this type of procedure, you have to state what you want to achieve by taking the procedure, as well as your fears, expectations, and so on before the surgeon. You have to be certain that when you take that procedure that you are going to derive the same result you have expected to get from it.

The surgeons on the other hands before he embarks on the procedure would make a thorough examination, and take a full history of your health issues. He is going to advise you and explain the procedure and choose the best option for you, and that is always based on your needs and your preferences.

The type of technique the expert is going to use for this would be determined by different things, and the most important among them is the underlying condition, as well as the degree to which your skin has sagged. The surgeon can come from any of the notable backgrounds such as plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, ENT surgery, and so on. Whatever background, they are well trained to perform this type of procedure and you are sure of getting the best results from them.

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