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Facelift Surgery

What is a facelift procedure?

Another name for facelift procedure is rhytidectomy. If you are aging, and you are noticing the signs of aging in you, you use this surgical procedure to remove those aging signs that are observed in the neck and face. Here are some of the signs of aging that can be corrected with facelift procedure:

  • When there is sagging in the middle of the face
  • When there is deep creases observed in the nose that extends to your mouth corner
  • When your face has either disappeared or fallen
  • When a skin tone loss is observed along the lower face and this often creates jowls
  • When there is skin loose as well as excess fat deposits that are observed under the skin as well as jaw which can give a normal weight and there could be double chin appearance.

Whenever you observe that those youthful contours have disappeared in the face as one grows in age, several factors can contribute to this. There are instances where such are observed without one getting aged. Here are some of the factors that are responsible for that; they include gravity, heredity factor, stress as well as environmental factors.

There are rejuvenations processes that are often performed with this procedure and the most common among them are as follows brow lift. This is done when you are suffering from a sagging face. It could equally be done when you are suffering from furrowed brows. Another procedure that can be carried out along with this is the eyelid surgery; this is usually done to bring youthfulness to the aging eyes.

The procedure can be full. It is traditionally referred to as facelift and referred medically as rhytidectomy. This is the most popular type of plastic procedures that are performed on the face. The procedure is meant to serve different purposes and the purposes they are supposed to serve are as follows: they are to lift the face. It is meant to pull back the face and to trim excess skin on the person’s face. It can equally be extended to the jaws when it is sagging. These are done to correct those signs of aging that are easily noticeable. The aim of the procedure is usually to tighten the face and to make it to look more youthful. There can equally be a mid facelift and this can involve the cheek area, and the eyelid and this can equally be done together with a lower facelift. This type of procedure includes the jowls, cheek and neck.

Facelift is the most popular surgical procedures

This type of procedure is one of the most popular surgical procedures. It can be a mini facelift that is why it is always associated with different names. In the case of the mini facelift, it is medically known as the mini rhytidectomy. Some other people have also described it as the short scar facelift or the S lift as they call it. The fact is that it is called several names to show that the procedure is very popular.

Neck lift procedure is one of such procedures and often used to smooth or tighten out the skin neck. When this is done it is going to enhance your appearance and make you to look younger than your actual age. Moreover, it is going to make you more relaxed, in addition to making you more radiant. To ensure that you get the best result, some surgeons could suggest that you join this procedure with neck liposuction.

How can the facelift procedure be beneficial?

This procedure is going to be beneficial in different ways. Here are some of the ways you are going to benefit from it.

It would bring about skin tightening: when your facial skin is loose, you are going to look older than your real age. However, if you tight your skin through this surgical procedure, you would observe that your youthfulness is going to be restored. With the various techniques that are available to the surgeon, they can easily tighten your skin and you are going to be better for it. You are going to enjoy more revitalized appearance when the procedure is complete.

Wrinkle reduction: another great benefit that you can derive from this type of procedure is the wrinkle reduction. It can ensure that skin appearance can be removed and the skin can be tightened in the process.

Facial fat repositioning: there are instances where the losing of the facial contour can be attributed to the deposit of unwanted fat in the face. When that becomes the case, it can be easily corrected. This is done to ensure that you achieve a more pleasing appearance as a result of the rehabilitated facial contour. Extra volume on the face can equally be achieved and this is usually achieved through facial fat grafting.

Facelift can be a solution to aging processes

One of the things that make this procedure more popular is the fact that it can help to put stop to the aging processes. When it stops that, it can bring back your youthfulness. Usually when those aging signs that are observed such as loosened skin are tightened and wrinkles are removed, your face would be restored to what it used to be when you were very young.

This procedure does not aim at stopping you from aging since no person has the capacity to reverse time. However, it would ensure that those signs that people can notice that you are aging can no longer be observed. Excess fat in the skin has to be removed. The skin has to be straightened as well as the facial muscles. Usually this can be done as a single operation. If you like, you can use the opportunity to carry out similar procedures like eyelid surgery and nose reshaping among other types of procedures.

Who is a candidate for this kind of procedure?

Whether you are a man or a woman and you meet the condition, you are a candidate for this kind of procedure. If you think that your neck or your face are beginning to portray you to look older than your age you can opt for this type of procedure once you have the skin and bone structure that can actually support it. This procedure can be performed among patients aged from forty to sixty years and signs of aging in them would be removed which would be difficult to determine their age at the end of that procedure. Research has shown that the procedure can be successfully performed among people that are aged between seventy and eighty years and the outcome is always successful. This means that age might not be a serious barrier to one taking this type of surgical procedure.

When you engage the services of our surgeon, you are going to enjoy the outcome as they have the expertise to restore your youthful age. They have the correct tools, and the knowledge to remove all those visible signs in the face that tell that you are actually getting aged. Those signs of aging are always available at the neck and the face area. Here are some of the reasons you can decide to go for the facelift procedure:

When you experience a sagging in the middle of the face

  • When the deep creases below the lower eyelids are becoming very prominent
  • When you can observe those creases, which often extend to the deep corner of the mouth
  • When you suffer from turkey neck or double chin you are a good candidate for this procedure because these are signs of excessive fatty deposits under your chin.
  • When you have a facial fat that is drooping or displacing you and this creates an exaggerated jowls

Apart from these mentioned above, there are several other factors that are available that can help to understand whether you are right or not right for that procedure.

Good health: the most important factor that can determine whether you can carry out this procedure is your health condition. This means that apart from being of good health, you must not be suffering from any major medical conditions before you go for this type of procedure. Your being of good health would help to determine whether you are going to heal fast at the end of the procedure or not.

Above all, you must be expecting that your problems would be solved when you decide to take to this kind of procedure. Your aim of taking that surgery must be achieved and you must have that expectation before you opt for this procedure. You doctor would determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure or not. This means that you have schedule an appointment with your doctor who is going to help to determine whether you are a candidate for that procedure or not by examining you and taking your medical history.

The gains of combining this procedure with eyelid surgery

One of the surgical procedures that can be applied to restore facial rejuvenation is the eyelid surgery. Instead of doing this procedure alone, you observe that it can be combined with facelift procedure.

In most cases where this procedure is performed, it can be carried out along with blepharoplasty which happens at least seventy percent of the facelift procedures. While it is good that you combine it with those that affect the jowls, cheeks and neck area, you must also consider the eyelid surgery because this can equally affect the appearance. It means that this procedure is done to enhance your appearance.

Reasons it is necessary to combine eyelid with facelift surgical procedure:

  • When there is puffiness within the eyes. When this is present, you are going to look older than your age. It can be a reason to combine them.
  • When you encounter hooded eyelids. When this is available, the implication is that you could be looking perpetually tired. This needs to be corrected and you can combine the two procedures.
  • If your hooded eyelids are affecting what you see as well as your ability to see, then you need the combination procedure to have them corrected.
  • Moreover, when there are wrinkles as well as sagging skin below your eyes, then you can combine the two procedures to have them corrected.

At least two types of blepharoplasty surgical procedures are available, and you can make a choice between the two depending on what you want to achieve out of that procedure.

Upper Blepharoplasty: this is a type of surgical operation that is performed on the upper eyelids.This usually involves the removal of the excessive stretched skin. This can be a problem because it could cause many wrinkles as well as hooding on the patient’s eyelash line. This usually requires a repair, especially if there is such a condition like an underlying droopiness in the lid. Incision can be done and this can be used to repair the problem.

Lower blepharoplasty: this is the type of procedure that is done to redistribute your fat located in the eyelid. This is to remove puffiness that often observed under the patient’s eye. This kind of problem could always be corrected at the same time you are carrying out facelift procedure. This procedure is always done to bring youthfulness to the face. This means that you are going to enjoy a better appearance after this procedure has been performed.

There are several other procedures that can be combined with this one which can be done at the same time and one of them is brow lift. When there are wrinkles on the forehead, brow lift is often done to get it minimized. Before you decide to combine any two procedures at a time, it is always advisable to discuss that with your doctor to know whether they can actually be combined.

Facial fat grafting

Facial fat grafting is one of the most innovative techniques that are applied to bring about a facial rejuvenation. When it is applied, you would observe that it would begin to reverse those signs of aging that are often observed among patients. Our surgeons can perform this procedure for you, and you are guaranteed a more youthful appearance at the end of the procedure. Always use this procedure to reverse the aging processes signs in your face.

Usually this procedure is applied to enhance the results that you have achieved at the end of the facial procedure. This can be done as a standalone procedure which can be done without any incision. Moreover, it can be applied in order to add volume to the face because it could act as scaffold for your skin. In the process it is going to create a youthful and vibrant appearance.

One common process of aging is that many people tend to lose fat in the face, but gain it in other parts of the body. When you combine this with the fact that bone and muscle loss, you would understand the reasons why the face is always looking older as one ages. When you are a young person, you are going to observe that the face is usually heart shaped. It would eventually change to rectangular as you advance in age. With facial fat distribution this can be corrected, but you should know that it should always vary from one person to another.

Usually before a qualified surgeon would go on with this procedure, they would try to analyse the pattern of the aging process which they do through a three dimensional approach. With that they would be able to deposit fat to those portions of the body where they are needed more than the others. This can be the solution where huge volumes of facial fats are lost. If you like you can perform this procedure in your entire face, or in the face temples, and other areas you think that they are needed.

What are the complications and risks that are associated with these?

You should expect that there are some risks that are associated with facelift procedure. Here are some of the risks that are commonly associated with it.

  • It could react to the anaesthetics
  • There could be an infection at the end of the procedure
  • Expect hair loss at the area where the incision was carried out
  • There could be blood pools below your skin, and this condition is often referred to as haematoma.
  • there could be scarring

What to expect during this surgical procedure

Usually this type of surgical procedure can usually be performed through twilight anaesthesia.

Incisions are often performed in the front of your ears, especially in the temple region that is behind the ears. When the procedure is performed, the surgeon carefully raises the skin from its lower face as well as the neck area. This can then be followed by liposuction and fat grafting once they are required. Finally excess skin can be carefully removed and after that the skin is then sutured back.

The scars would eventually fade, but that depends on whether it was done by a professional or not. Professionals would ensure that the incisions are placed carefully in the natural ways in the areas they are supposed to be in the back of the ears. Moreover, they use the best sutures and these would ensure that the scars fade early. When this procedure is performed, it is going to last for a very long time, though there could be a minor discomfort at the end of the procedure.

There could be instances where extra procedures could become necessary as in blepharoplasty. If you want to perform eyelid surgery as part of that procedure, then it can be done after the successful completion of the facelift procedure. Extra recovery procedures should be given to you by your doctor, especially if you want an eyelid surgical procedure.

The recovery

When you talk of recovery, your attention should then focus on the post surgical procedure. After the procedure, you are going to expect such things like nausea and headaches especially when local anaesthesia was used in the procedure. The surgeon is going to use soft and large dressing tape in those parts of the face that are affected by that procedure. The bandage must be in place until the surgeon decides to have it removed. The days can vary from one to two days. When it is removed, it is can be replaced with elastic covering which would help in reducing the swelling and the pain that is associated with it. Within the first few days the doctor would conduct a follow up treatment. The first dressings that are done after the procedure are very important. It is very important that you do not tamper with it.

The other days of the recovery period could be tough for the patient because they can experience localized pain and discomfort. It is important that you ask for the most appropriate pain killer, though the doctor knows the best painkillers to administer to you. You can take any simple painkiller such as paracetamol. It is possible that swelling could occur in different parts of the face which can be within the first twenty four to forty eight hours. When you experience black spots, it is an indication that there are bruising. However, you should know that the swelling and bruising is part of the body healing processes and this is an indication that the problem is healing. It could take about two to three weeks for the body to begin to feel normal again.

There could be puffiness and facial asymmetry that could linger for a very long time. These conditions are normal, and you should expect that they should disappear after a few days. If you apply cold compression to the areas affected, it would lead to early healing. It could minimise swelling and bruising.

Mini facelift

What does this stand for?

Usually this procedure is less invasive than that traditional facelifting that many people are already used to. Moreover, it would leave a shorter scar behind it. This technique can offer a better result when compared to those procedures that are done through other invasive techniques. The procedure is a small surgical cut. This means that the complications are going to be less, and the recovery time is equally going to be shorter. This procedure was first started in Belgium and it is good for men or women who are within forty years and above.

What does it involve?

During this procedure, the surgeon is going to cause a small incision within the hairline and ear front. This would also result in the tightening of those fibrous tissues that are located under your skin. This is done using non absorbable stitches. During the procedure, those sagging tissues in the body are then lifted; from where it is attached to those structures they are supposed to be. They are attached to the structures of the temple. Usually this procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and it can be done under local anaesthesia. It does not take more than two hours for this surgical procedure to be completed. It is faster when compared to the traditional surgical procedures.

What does the procedure do?

When it is done, it rejuvenates parts of the body such as the jaw line and neck area. With this mini invasive procedure, it is possible to correct that minor jaw line that can be observed on the bottom part of your face, as well as the jaw line laxity. In the same way, those fat deposits and folds that exist between the mouth and the nose can be removed through this process.

What can I not do?

With this type of procedure, you should not expect that you are going to remove wrinkles around your face such as the forehead and the eyes. In the same way, this procedure is not expected to treat sun damaged skins.

Who is the right candidate?

Mini facelift procedure is the best for people who are suffering from such problems like sagging skin on their cheeks and the middle face. This is regarded as facial rejuvenation, and it is exactly the best for people who are within the age range of forty to sixty years.

If you have started to observe jaw ling, as well as a sagging skin in your face and neck after weight loss, you can go for the surgical procedure.

What are the benefits?

The major benefit of this procedure is that it is not that invasive like the traditional method of facelift. When this is done it should result in facial bruising and swelling. During this procedure a small incision may be necessary in order to do away with those excessive jowling, and this is good because it would make post operative procedures unnecessary. Moreover, the procedure could result in a little or no undermining, and it is going to produce a better result when compared to the normal facelift procedure.

There would be less skin undermining, it is done in a faster period. There is less likelihood for complications and risks. Most importantly, you are going to enjoy a more youthful age at the end of the procedure.

You can combine this procedure with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, brow lift and neck lift.

Side effects

A patient may suffer from some bruises after the procedure, especially in the eyes. There could be swelling and this could last for a few months and after the procedures has been completed. Other possible side effects include haematoma, infection, prolonged wound healing, skin discoloration, as well as possible complications.

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