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Liposuction Specialists

Liposuction is a popular surgical procedure which is often adopted to remove the excess fat that is accumulated in some parts of the body. When you feel ashamed with fat in specific parts of the body, you can get rid of the fat through this popular procedure by a renown liposuction specialist. The procedure is also known as the suction assisted lipectomy or liposculpture. This procedure requires the use of cannula. This is a thin metal. This cannula is then put deep into the part of the body where there is a huge fat deposit. Usually the cannula is connected to the body through a plastic hose. This leads to the place where the suction is to take place.

Usually the procedure can be applied to different parts of the body where huge fat deposits can be easily evacuated such as the buttocks, legs, hips, breasts, abdomen, waist, back, as well as the chest in order to shape those parts of the body. In men it can be used in the gynaecomastia which is the male breast, the chin, the neck, as well as the upper arm and so on.

If you think that you are shaped abnormally, you can use this procedure to achieve a more natural look that you deserve. For instance if you are not happy with your shape because of a previous injury, trauma or other types of surgical procedure, you can resort to liposuction to put those things right again. Usually it can be combined with other surgical procedures like abdominoplasty and breast reduction.

It is good to state that you should not treat this intervention as a weight loss procedure as it is not meant to lose weight. This procedure can be used to smooth your body where you are not normally shaped to achieve a more uniformed look.

Moreover, you should know that you cannot use this surgical operation to improve your stretch marks or to enhance your cellulite. It is only related to remove those fats that are accumulated under the skin. The operation can work best for people with high quality skins. At the end of the procedure, it is expected that the skin would contract and this would help to achieve a contour body shape that you have always desired to achieve. It is important that you know the results you can achieve and the consequences with the procedure before you go for it.

There are different types of liposuction procedures and they are listed as follows:

  •        Liposelection
  •        Power assisted liposuction PAL
  •        Ultrasound assisted liposuction UAL
  •        Super wet liposuction
  •        Tumescent liposuction
  •        Traditional liposuction


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