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Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty the procedure to correct nasal deficiencies

Rhinoplasty surgical procedure is meant to restore your nose. It is for you if you are not satisfied with your nose shape, or you do not like your nose appearance. Even if you are finding it difficult to breathe normally, it may be because of a sad event that occurred in your live. Even if you were born with such difficulties, then hope is restored for you, as you can now embark on the Rhinoplasty procedure to have that restructured for good.

Your nose is a very important part of you and it is perhaps the most prominent facial figure. The nose is such significant that it is considered as the focal point of appearance for many people. Numerous people do not like it when their nose is not attractive or when it makes them ugly. In this situation, surgeons can help such a person out of the problem, as the nose can be restructured to make it attractive and beautiful. The nose can be remade so that it can become natural and look balanced as the other parts of your body, which nose usually compliments.

Today, it appears that one of the most requested plastic surgical procedures is Rhinoplasty or as it is called, the nose reshaping surgery. It is growing more popular that men and women are becoming attracted to it. The perfect procedure helps you get the type of nose you deserve.

Rhinoplasty surgery for a good-looking nose

You have to take this procedure to reshape your nose. The nose has an important effect in the overall facial and body appearance. For instance, the size of your nose, its shape, and proportion as well as symmetry has an enduring effect on defining your appearance.

Most importantly, your nose has an impact on your personality. It says many things about your identity, as well as your personality. When your nose becomes prominent, it would make people to pay a unique attention and attach an important personality to you. Many people could even compliment you instead of teasing you about your nose appearance.

You may even discover that the nose may be too thin, too big, over wide or too small for your face. It may also look bent, injured, misshapen as well as bumpy and so on.

For one reason or the other, you may not like the appearance of your nose. If you are not happy with the appearance of your nose, you can decide to go for surgery.

Do you think that your nose says something unique about you to other people?

Apart from your eyes, the next important part of your facial area is the nose. Your nose can make you to stand out, and it makes it easier for people to notice you when they observe your face.

Are you a victim of face that does not appeal to you?

Maybe you think your nose looks crooked, too large for your liking, too distinctive or you think that it is out of balance. If your nose has sustained an injury, then an opportunity exists for you to change the appearance of your nose and you can do that by undergoing Rhinoplasty surgery. You can do that with any of our highly skilled and qualified surgeons who have experience in doing that.

You can check your nose today, look at your photo and if you think that it is becoming an impediment, then you can consult any of our specialists and consider taking Rhinoplasty surgical procedure.

What is the right time for me to consider taking Rhinoplasty Specialist Surgery?

You are a candidate for this type of procedure if:

  • Your nose is a concern to you or if you think that your nose is not helping at all in your side view profile.
  • It is because of your nose that you do not like being photographed from the side.
  • You are constantly teased or insulted about your nose appearance
  • You do not like the senseless comments people make apart the appearance of your nose and you want to put an end to that
  • You are finding it hard to breathe, then you are great for this operation
  • One of your problems is that you snore excessively
  • because the appearance of your nose is the reason you want to avoid cameras or avoid being photographed
  • You are ashamed of your nose appearance or the nose does not look well on photography
  • you think that you are going to be better off if you have a better nose

Maybe you are experiencing an unwanted attention from people who are attracted because of your nose appearance, or you are constantly being teased and bullied by others, you can put an end to all these by taking to this type of surgical procedure.

What are the major reasons people go for Rhinoplasty surgery?

There are different reasons people decide to engage in this type of surgical procedure. Those reasons are personal to them, but the most important thing here irrespective of the reasons is that they decide to do it out of their choice, and not to please somebody else. Before they decide to engage in Rhinoplasty, they must choose to be well informed of everything that is involved including the healing processes that are associated with it.

Here are some of the reasons some people decide to do Rhinoplasty and they are as follows:

  • Bumps: one of the reasons is the ugly bump or what is known as Dorsal Hump on the nose. Many people are not happy with it.
  • Nose tip: another thing that compels people to do it is the appearance of their nose tip, which in most cases does not match with the rest of the nose and even the face.
  • Size: this is another reason often given for the choice of the procedure. Some people with very prominent nose, or who have narrow bridge nose would like to amend it.
  • Shape: another important reason people embark on the procedure is the nose shape or nose size, which many people often comment about to your disliking.
  • Balance: this is another factor and this is a situation where the nose looks out of proportion or sync when compared to other features of the body.
  • Appearance: nose appearance can be another factor. When the nose looks too thin or too wide, it requires attention.
  • When you think that your nose nostrils are unattractive, may be they are overly wide, too large or that they are small or relatively narrow may require reshaping.

Some medical reasons some people would want their nose to be reshaped through surgery

  • It may be because of the previous failure during earlier procedure
  • It could be as a result of broken nose or nose injury
  • The nose is bent, crooked or it appears in a side way
  • Problem of snoring as a result of congested nose
  • Breathing difficulty through your nose
  • It could be as a result of collapsed nasal bridge or deviated septum
  • There could be two noticeable bumps on the nose end.

If you have anything that you are unhappy with the size and shape of your nose, you are not alone, as you would not find it hard to get help.

Are you constrained because of the fact that the appearance of your nose does not fit your other features?

Are you not happy with your nose because of its appearance in relation with your profile?

Then help is definitely on your way, because Rhinoplasty would help you out of your problem.

How you can get help through nose reshaping surgery

You would require Rhinoplasty procedure if you find yourself in some conditions like the following:

  • You want a nose which can easily complement your other body and facial features
  • You want to achieve a balanced as well as harmonized facial appearance
  • you are less self-conscious about thinking that you can be filmed from your side
  • You are confident about the way you look when viewed from various angles.
  • You want to achieve better sleep and if you require a deviated septum repair.

The truth is that when you successfully go through this procedure, there is going to be a significant improvement in your appearance. Rhinoplasty would ensure the change of your face appearance.

The joy and confidence that you are going to have after you have fully recovered from that procedure is something many people are going to appreciate.

You would be surprised at the great difference of your appearance at the end of that surgical procedure.

You should know, however the change in the appearance could be challenging for some people who go through that procedure. It is known to have their personal identity linked with the appearance of their nose. You should know that you would no longer be linked with that before you begin to carry out this surgical procedure.

The procedure is not an easy one because it would require that the surgeon should have the skills and must have been involved in that type of procedure for decades. What matters most here is ensuring that you selected the most qualified plastic surgeon to carry out that procedure for you.

The truth is that some patients would like the appearance of their nose after the procedure and some people are also going to take more time to become adapted to the changed appearance of the nose. However, for many people they have been eagerly waiting for this since their childhood, they would appreciate the great difference it would make to them as it would make their face to look great again.

The great benefits of Rhinoplasty nose surgery for facial harmonization and nose reshaping.

Many patients who have successfully gone through this procedure always talk about the differences it makes for them. For instance, they report that:

  • They now have a nose that actually matches their face and appearance of their body
  • It now makes them to have more confidence in themselves and self esteem
  • that they can now have an easier time breathing
  • they can now achieve less snoring and snorting
  • They can now look and feel great
  • They can now take more selfies

However, you should know that as every individual is unique, in the same way every surgery is equally unique.

If you actually plan to get that result you want to achieve, then you should know that communication and planning are crucial towards achieving that. It is paramount that you have a prior discussion with your surgeon to ensure that you achieve what you actually desire in that procedure.

It is pertinent for you to have a look and discuss with your Surgeon in Clinic the before and after photos of Rhinoplasty Patients. It is very important that you recognize those results achieved by various individuals who have performed such a procedure. Moreover, you should be aware that there could be a variation of the healing time.

The healing time can take several months before you begin to see the full benefits of the reshaping procedure but, that depends on the type of procedure that you decide to embark. It could be helpful if you ask about the Rapid Recovery Rhinoplasty methods.

The Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Procedure

This procedure is sometimes called the nose job. It is simply a procedure that is carried out in order to reshape the nose.

If you want, you can take that procedure to change the overall size of your nose.

Just like the other complex surgical procedures, it is not difficult to describe the various procedures that are involved. However, a great difference can be made by small changes in approach, as well as technique.

Rhinoplasty is not a single procedure; it involves different procedures that are carried out in the reshaping of the nose in order to achieve a more balanced shape, as well as improving on the functionality of your nose.

When you engage the services of a specialized and highly accredited plastic surgeon to perform that procedure, you are going to benefit from it. Such a surgeon should have decades of experience and they have been providing people with the type of nose for a very long time.

When you consult our leading and specialized Plastic Surgeons & Oculoplastic Specialist, you are going to be satisfied with the job.

Because of the number of years they have been in this business, you are sure to get first class quality services, as well as patient care excellence for a speedy recovery. Here are some of the benefits that you can get by engaging their services:

  • Precise surgical skills that is unmatchable
  • They have decades of experience and expertise in nose reshaping procedure
  • They provide efficient pre surgery planning, as well as post operative healing plans for their patients

What is involved in pre surgery process?

Every type of surgery is considered serious, and that is why practice guidelines demand that Plastic Surgeons ensure that the patients that would undergo this procedure should be fully informed of everything that is involved, including all the processes that are involved as well as the most effective recovery strategy and the likely recovery time. It is important because this process is not the same for everybody, it is better that they know this before the procedure starts.

However, it is the duty of the Rhinoplasty Specialist Surgeons to help you, and guide you, especially in understanding all the procedures that are involved in that process. They would equally help you in understanding the differences that may exist between the closed and open Rhinoplasty, as well as the best way that you are going to approach its recovery time.

3D Visualization

The doctor would help you to visualize what the possible outcomes would be before the procedure would proceed. The procedure is going to have some changes in your life. The changes are going to be great and positive. It is going to impact positively on your confidence levels. The surgeon would help you to visualize it before the procedure would actually commence.

They can equally assist you in visualizing the newly reshaped nose and you are going to do that using your before as well as after images, photo manipulation, physical models and 3D computer modeling etc.

The patient can have the opportunity of choosing a profile or shape for their nose before the surgery is conducted. At the end, the post surgical result that you are going to achieve could not match what the pre surgical plan would look like. However, it could be very close to that in many cases.

The most important thing is that you would be completely comfortable with what the outcome would be. The outcome can vary and the healing process can vary, as several outcomes can easily influence it. Before you commence you must discuss the possible options that are available to you to ensure that you get the desired result. When this is done, then the whole process would commence.

One thing certain is that you are going to achieve a better result because our surgeons are highly experienced in this area and they are going to help you to achieve the best result. Whatever the type of facial surgery and body surgery you want, we are going to help you to achieve it.

Hospital surgery as well as the anesthetic for your nose surgery

Anesthetic: many patients have their nose surgery carried out under the general anesthetic. It is still possible that this form of procedure can be done under a sedation and local anesthetic. This can be an option if there is anything that can make general anesthetic undesirable.

Options: this type of surgical procedure should be a day option. It can be done at a local hospital in which you are going to have a short stay. However, before that procedure commences, your doctor is going to guide and advise you on the best options that are available to you.

Different types of Rhinoplasty Procedures

Here are some of the types of Rhinoplasty procedures. They include septoplasty surgery, cosmetic nose reshaping as well as the open or closed Rhinoplasty surgery.

Septoplasty Surgery for better Breathing

This is the type of procedure that is organized for patients that suffer from problems such as reduced air flow or who is having trouble in breathing through the nose. For such patients, they can undergo a procedure that is known as Septoplasty.

Through this type of procedure, a surgeon could easily correct the wall that exists between your nostril and your inner hard structures at the upper part of your nose. This can help to improve breathing.

Open Rhinoplasty Surgery

This is another common procedure that is done to change the nose shape. The procedure could be more accurate. It is known as the open approach method.

When you do this type procedure, a small and short incision is made on the central part of the nose base called the columella. This makes it easy for the elevation of the skin of the nose where the nasal bones and the underlying cartilage can be viewed and reshaped.

To carry out this procedure, the surgeon would rely on a series of highly specialized and series of tools to shape and carve the underlying structures.

Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery

In many cases, this type of surgical procedure is carried out through a small incision and this is often kept in the nostril.

This type of procedure is called the closed Rhinoplasty. The major benefit of this procedure is that scars are not seen, as they are concealed in the nostril.

Another advantage is that the surgeon carrying out this procedure does so through a very small hole and has an indirect access to those complex structures in the nose.

Our experts are going to offer you with Rapid Recovery Kit, which contains everything that you need to ensure that you recover very fast after the procedure, must have been completed.

Rhinoplasty results and expectations

When you carry out this type of surgical procedure, it is expected that you are going to have a positive result, but the outcome depends on the skill of the surgeon who carried it out.

An experienced professional would help you to understand what you want and to give a very beautiful and enhanced appearance. The professional would improve your face and harmonize everything so that you can achieve the expected result.

Also the outcome is to be determined by the area such as nose reshaping that is required, and the degree that you want it to be done. It may require that the surgeon carries out minor reinforcement of the nose that can be done using a cartilage from other areas.

This can help you by preventing droopy or hollow noses that some people get in the past in the early days of the practice.

Your recovery of nose surgery

In general, when the procedure is completed, it could require an overnight stay in the hospital for an optimal pain relief before you begin to go home. You need that for an effective early nursing care after the procedure.

Post surgical experience after this procedure can be very discomforting, especially after the procedure.

You need an effective pain relief after the procedure to help relieve the agonizing pain. After some hours, the pain would be relieved and the pain would subside gradually.

When you are in hospital after the operation, you are going to require lots of support, because that it is the most vulnerable period.

As practitioners, the job is not over until you are happy with the outcome, until you are completely healed and begin to enjoy the outcome of that procedure. This means that what happens to you after that procedure is our concern.

Recovery from this procedure could take about three to four weeks.

When it has healed, you may expect to wait for one year for the nose to adjust to the expected appearance you want.

It is very important that you understand this. The site where the surgical procedure is carried out could heal easily; however, the underlying cartilage and bone will take some time before it finally settled on what you want.

When the procedure is completed, the surgeon applies after surgery tapes as well as a splint to the nose and this will offer support and it is going to reduce swelling.

The splint would remain in place for at least one week.

Nasal tapes are often left for more days after the removal of the splint. This is to ensure that it heals very well.

In some cases, patients could have an elaborate splint. These are done with plaster or a similar material.

The essence of the tape and the splint is to protect the nose and to provide support to its new shape until it is healed partially.

After the removal of the tapes, it is good to allow it time to heal and come back to its normal activities. During this period, it is not recommended that physical exercise or engaging in playing sport. You should stay away from such activities for at least one month after that procedure.

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