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The Best Method for Tuberous Breast Correction

About 5% of women globally require tuberous breast correction surgery. The challenge which occurs as a result of congenital conditions disrupts proper formation of breasts during puberty. The consequences are inability for becoming intimate, low self-esteem and, emotional and psychological challenges.

A higher than normal infra-mammary fold and small sized breasts are the major signs of tuberous breasts. Additionally, the areola can become puffy and large, and the level of sagging can be greater than is normally anticipated in such small breasts. This is due to tissue constriction and makes the breasts to bulge in the middle instead of laterally expanding. The condition can be excellently corrected using cosmetic plastic surgery. Nevertheless, it is recommended that an experienced and skilled surgeon perform the procedure.

Tuberous Breasts Correction Using Surgical Treatment

A lot of tuberous breast patients choose to have a breast augmentation surgery. The procedure could either be combined with others like breast lift or not. The vital thing to do is take all necessary pre-surgery steps to obtain the best results and experience. Such steps may include tests like an MRI, ultrasound and, general breast and chest measurements. Selecting an implant type and size could also come among the steps.

Tuberous Breast Correction with Breast Implants

Implants are required in the majority of tuberous breast correction cases. This is so the resultant breast mound looks as natural as possible. The patient’s cosmetic goals and preferences will determine the exact implant size and type. Nevertheless, the round, high profile implant is the most common in tuberous breast correction. This is as rounder and larger breasts can be created due to its superior level of projection. Additionally, its smaller base readily and easily fits into the constricted breasts unlike the base of the low profile implant which is characteristically wider.

The patient’s breasts are able to expand to a more natural, wider shape and size because constricted tissue bands are released prior to implant insertion. The surgeon will also bring the infra-mammary fold a bit lower during the procedure. When using implants for tuberous correction, the per-areola incision habitually works best. The incision enables a more accurate placement of the implant in the recently created breast implant pocket. Should the need for it arise, it also makes resizing the areola much easier.

Including Breast Lift Surgery in Tuberous Breast Correction

Breast augmentation surgery with just breast implants is probably the only necessary procedure for some women with tuberous breasts. It is enough for creating an ideal breast appearance in such women. But for the majority, it might become necessary that a breast lift be added to breast implants.

A breast lift ensures that the patient’s breasts take on a youthful and lifted position in addition to, a rounded and really natural shape. A breast lift surgery also restructures current breast tissue besides lifting all sagging tissues of the patient’s breasts. This habitually results in a much enhanced texture and firmness for the breasts. For tuberous breasts correction particularly, reshaping breast tissue is a foremost necessity. This is to ensure that breast tissue which was hitherto concentrated in the middle of the breast can be properly and effectively relocated.

For these mentioned reasons, most tuberous breast correction patients choose to undergo a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. This enables them to obtain ideal outcomes in relation to their aesthetic anatomy and preferences. Nevertheless, patients have individual and unique differences. It then becomes necessary that women be advised to consult their surgeon regarding options available to them. Patients normally experience intense enhancements to their body image, self-confidence and overall quality of life after successfully undergoing a tuberous breast correction surgery procedure.

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