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The Secrets about Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty

tummytuckAnother name for tummy tuck is abdominoplasty. This medical procedure is recommended for people who have excess skin or flab in the abdomen who does not respond to exercise and diet. This is caused by excess fat in the body; surgical procedures are usually carried to remove the excess fat from the abdomen. This is followed by tightening the abdominal muscle.

It is important to point out at this stage that this tummy tuck mini medical surgical procedure is quite different from liposuction. You should know that this is a major surgical procedure and it would help you shed the excess fat in your stomach and lose weight in the process. It is one of the weight loss procedures for those who have tried every other method that has failed in the past. You can take a picture of yourself before and after to make a comparison.

Who are the Tummy Tuck Procedures Meant For?

Not everybody who is interested in this type of surgical procedure is qualified for that. For you to enlist for tummy tuck, you must be suitable for that, and it is meant for both men and women. First is that you must be in good health to go for the procedure. The procedure is recommended for women especially those who have had several pregnancies. The procedure would simply tighten their abdomen by reducing the abdominal skin. If you were once an obese patient and still have fatty tissues inside your stomach, you are a candidate for a tummy tuck. Although the invasive procedure is good for women, it is not advisable for those who intend to become pregnant to go for such medical procedure. If such women must go for that, they should wait until they are through with childbirth before they go for it. This is recommended for them because it would tighten their vertical muscles and this would lose once the woman becomes pregnant. Even those who want to embark on an aggressive weight loss program; this procedure is not good for them irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman. Remember that this invasive procedure is supposed to be the last resort when every other thing has failed.

One negative outcome of the procedure is a scar on the body. However, this can be minimized if you employ an expert to do that operation. Before you start, you have to discuss that with your surgeon. If you cannot bear the scar that would follow it, then the tummy tuck is not meant for you. Apart from that, there are other side effects associated with it. You have to consider whether you can withstand them otherwise, you are not a right candidate for that procedure.

Before you go for this type of procedure, you have to do your diligent search for the best surgeon that carryout that the procedure for you. You must first consult your doctor to determine the type of procedure you want to do. The surgeon would advice you on the best type of surgical procedure that you should do. There are two types of tummy tuck surgery that you can perform. They include the complete abdominoplasty. This is regarded as a full tummy tuck procedure. The surgeon would open your abdomen starting from the hipbone, the contour skin, muscle as well as your tissue. This type of procedure would require that your belly button be opened. Because of this drainage tubes are usually used and it can stay under your skin just for some days.

This type of procedure is quite different from mini abdminoplasty or partial procedure. This type of procedure is usually applied to those people who have deposited just behind the navel. This does not take more than a few hours to be completed and it could not involve opening your belly button.

Seeking a doctor before the procedure is important because the doctor would probe into your life history and lifestyle to determine whether you are ripe for that or not ripe. For instance, if you are a smoker, your doctor would always advise that you leave that habit before you are administered that type of procedure. You must not smoke for at least two weeks before the procedure. It has been discovered that smoking could complicate the procedure, in addition to making it impossible for you to be healed. Before you embark on this procedure, your doctor would always advise that you quit any type of drastic dietary plan. You must a balanced and complete food before you would be considered for this type of operation. This is because a good diet would ensure that you better and fast. If you are taking any type of drug, you should let your doctor know this. This is because you could be required to take certain medications after the surgery.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Tummy Tuck?

It is advised that this type medical procedure should be the last stage of weight loss processes. Before you take to this option, it is assumed that you must tried different alternatives that must have failed to deliver the expected results. When you engage in any type of surgical procedure, you should know that there would be some likely side effects.

The first side effect that you would notice after the tummy tuck surgery is that there would be severe pain and this could last for some days. Apart from the sharp pains, you would also notice that your body would begin to swell. However, there is a way out of these. Your doctor would prescribe some drugs for you and advise you on how best you can handle that pain. Apart from that, it could develop a minor sore, which would be there for some weeks. This sore would also heal.

In addition to these, it is possible that you would experience other side effects like bruising, numbness, as well as tiredness after the procedure. This is not expected to last for a long time.

You should also know that there are other risky complications that could follow, just like other surgical procedures. One such complication is that there could be an infection. Others include blood clots and under skin bleeding. If you do not have sufficient blood circulation, complications may develop. Generally, it is not ideal for diabetic patients. In addition, people suffering liver, lung and heart related problems should never go for this type of procedure. It is not good for them.

Sometimes, you may not have sufficient healing and this has its serious repercussions. When this becomes the problem, you may not be surprised that you would go for a second round of surgery. It is important to know that this could leave a scar at the end of the proceeding and the tummy tuck scars mark would forever be there. You should think about the consequence before you go for this type of procedure. If everything goes right, you are going to reap the benefits forever.

After Surgery Care

Post surgery life is another important factor that you must consider before you enlist for this type of medical procedure. Irrespective of the type of tummy tuck that you want to take, it is important that you take proper care of it after the surgery. The doctor would bandage after stitching it. For you to have a peace of mind after the procedure, it is very important that you stick to your doctor’s advice. When the area is well bandaged, it would ensure that you heal faster and that it would develop any complication that would send you back to the hospital. You would notice that lying down would become a difficult task. Your surgeon would advise you on how to conduct yourself. It is important that you take everything that your doctor tells you about post surgery lifestyle seriously.

Moreover, you have to limit the type of activities that you do. Strenuous activities would not be possible for you within the first few weeks after the surgical procedure. You should ensure that the surgery heals properly before you engage on any physical activity.

If you abide by all the instructions provided to you by your doctor, you would enjoy your look when the wounds are healed. This would take time, but you should be sure that you would come back to your previous activities. When all the excess fats in the belly have been evacuated, it is the right time to do away with those things that accumulate fat into your body. Surgical procedures alone would not help you to do that; you should combine that with a balanced diet and exercise.

Tummy Tuck Cost

Before you start this procedure, you have to check how much tummy tuck is. You have to be sure that you can pay the bill before you engage on that. The cost for that procedure varies and the price could range from anything from $3000 to $12000. The cost is determined by different factors, which include the type of procedure that you want to do. If you want a full procedure, you would not expect to pay the same amount with somebody who wants a partial procedure.

Secondly, the cost is determined by the patient’s surgical needs. That is the nature and quality of work that would be done on your body determines the cost of the operation. Furthermore, the qualification, experience and the expertise of the plastic surgeon could push the cost of the operation high. The type of technology used in the operation can equally affect the cost of that procedure. The type of anesthesia that follows the surgical procedure could inflate the cost.

Cost of the procedure is an important factor, however, it cannot compare with the expertise of the surgeon who carries out that procedure. It is not advisable to go to unknown and unqualified surgeon who would charge you cheap for this type of invasive procedure. It is better that you pay high for the operation and get a high quality service. You cannot derive your major aim of the procedure by engaging the services of a qualified surgeon to carry out the procedure for you.

You have seen that tummy tuck is very important for weight loss. It is one of the surgical invasive procedures that are often recommended as the last stage of the weight loss process. When you have your fat drained away, it would be good for you. First, you are going to enjoy significant amount of good health. You are going to look good and healthy and most of your old clothes would fit you once again.

When you have a lagging skin, you would look discouraged and ashamed to present yourself to the public. All these would become a thing of the past when you undertake this type of procedure. You would like lighter and younger than your age.

Many people still opt for this method to lose weight because they are easier and faster. You are going to succeed when you engage the services of an experienced and professional surgeon to carry out that procedure. Thousands of people prefer instead of subjecting themselves to numerous weight loss programs that do not work.

Sagging skin especially the abdominal skin is one sign of aging. Many people take to this procedure not only to fight overweight, but also to rejuvenate themselves. When you successfully carry out that procedure, you would look younger than your real age. It is one of the positive effects of tummy tuck.

Sometimes the problem of sagging belly and skin can be a genetic problem. This means that it could not be because of the lifestyle of such a person, but a part of his creation. In such cases tummy tuck is a way out of that problem for such people. They would always be proud of their body after a successful operation.

After care is very important after you have done with the procedure. You would still depend on other people to do most of your activities after the procedure. Even if you live alone, you need close relation that would provide your needs while you recuperate after the procedure. If you abide by this advice, you would not encounter any problem provided you engaged the services of an expert.

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