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How to Prevent Scarring after a Tummy Tuck

How to Prevent Scarring After a Tummy Tuck Medical experts have observed that it is normal for tummy tuck surgeries to result in a scar. Tummy tuck surgery is a medical procedure that requires an incision in the lower part of the abdomen. This procedure will involve skin removal that is excess skin and the major aim is to improve the stomach appearance. Usually, surgeons try to minimize scars when they embark on this medical procedure and that is why you see several of them making that incision in the lower part of the abdomen. They often want it to be as low as possible. For thinner people, especially those of them that do not have enough of the excess skin could have their incision at the upper part of the abdomen. You have seen that having these scars are inevitable, but there is much that you can to minimize such scars when they eventually occur.

The first step

When you have finished the procedure, it is advisable that you stay away from the sun. This would help to stop the appearance of that scar. Medical experts have always agreed that when it is exposed to the sun it will change the color and could make it appear red or dark in color. This should not be the case. When the scars are lighter, it is supposed to be less visible. This is preferred than those pigmented scars. Because of this, you will observe that medical experts will always advise that patients put on sunscreen for their first one month of that procedure.

The Second Step

When you have finished the surgery, it is necessary that you take good care of it. One of the ways of taking care of it is to dress it using petroleum jerry. Research has shown that it will facilitate the healing processes when you dress it with petroleum jelly. Furthermore, it is going to enhance the overall appearance of the scar by at least 33 percent. If you pass through this procedure, you should not use petroleum jelly until you have discussed it with your doctor. Your doctor knows what will help you best and that is why you should always seek their advise in a matter like this.

The Third Step

After you have completed that procedure, it is necessary that you follow all the post procedure directives issued to you by your doctor. You cannot ignore this, it is very important. For instance, if you were smoking before that procedure was carried out, then you should not smoke after the procedure. This is important and your surgeon advises you on why you should avoid smoking. There is a danger should fail to stop smoking. The danger is that the ailments will not heal very well. Moreover, the appearance of the scar is going to be noticed. You have to abide by the postoperative instructions issued by the doctor for your speedy recovery.

The Fourth Step

If you want to reduce the appearance of the scar, it is better, that you apply Medical graded silicone cream or you apply Vitamin E. Though this is going to work for many people, but it is still important to state that the results to be achieved at the end of the day are going to vary. This is because of different factors. The factors include genetics of the patient. Others include the skill of the medical surgeon that carried out that procedure. Finally, it is equally determined by the number incisions that were put in place during the procedure.

Before you use the tropical vitamin like vitamin E, you have to be cautious. This is because this could have negative effects on some patients. It could lead to rashes in some people. This could even make that matter worse instead of making it better.

The Fifth Step

The fifth step that you should take is to form the habit of treating infections anytime that you observe it. This will help you in the end because it would ensure that scars do not appear, and even if it appears, it would not be noticeable. When the scars become so prominent, it requires another surgical procedure in order to get it corrected.

Important Tips

Here are some important tips that can help you and here are some of them:

It is recommended that you administer sunscreen in the affected area. Apply it even in those portions of abdomen covered with clothes. This is important because it would prevent UV rays from getting access to the wound and when that is done, it would prevent the affected areas from getting dark.

Moreover, scars are bound to heal slowly. You cannot prevent it irrespective of what you do, it would remain difficult to heal very fast as you expect. After that procedure, you will see that the scars would be worse, but it can always get better after six months or even one year as the case may be.

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