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Tummy Tuck Recovery

Recovering from a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Recovering from a Tummy Tuck Procedure One thing is getting ready for tummy tuck procedure and the other thing is what follows after the procedures were completed. Because of this, before you embark on such a procedure, you must pay adequate attention and get ready for postoperative recovery. Post procedure era is as important as the procedure. Therefore, adequate attention must be paid to post operative procedure as well.It is possible that you may have performed such other procedures like plastic surgery procedure, but you should understand that there are great differences between it and tummy tuck surgery. This is because this procedure usually involves the muscles. During that procedure, the abdomen is affected and because it is always involved in different activities you do, it would require sufficient time for recovery before you can even think of returning to a very active life. However, you only need to stick to your doctor's advice and this ensures a speedy recovery.

What are Usually Involved in Tummy Tuck

This is considered an outpatient procedure, and it does not take more than five hours for the procedure to be completed. It can even last less than that depending on the type of procedure. Healing time could be longer when the tasks involve an extensive fat removal or muscle suturing. It means that the procedure could last longer before it heals. When the procedure was just a partial or mini procedure that involves small portion of the body, it could last fewer than two hours.

A full tummy tuck is always carried out by having an incision in the pubic area, especially the hipbones. To make such an incision less visible, it could be placed between the creases. The doctor carrying out the procedure always relies on the incision to tight those parts of the muscles of the abdomen that are loosened. Through that process, excess fats are evacuated from the body. During that procedure, the skin is usually separated from the muscle. These two are put together and stitched. The aim is to make them look firmer. Apart from achieving a firmer abdomen, it could also lead to a narrower waistline. After that, the doctor will stretch the skin flap toward the tightened muscles. Excess skin is then removed through the process. Another incision is carried around your navel; the aim is to ensure that the navel is transferred to a new position. When the navel is placed in what is considered a new natural position bandages would be removed while the incision would be closed. There are instances where drains could be inserted to the incision site and the aim is to collect those excess fluids that may exist. The drains are usually removed within 4 to 7 days of that procedure.

How long is the Tummy Tuck Recovery?

The recovery time will vary and that depends on the quantity of work done by the surgeon who carried out that procedure. The number of muscle tightening carried out during that procedure determines the healing time. If there are more tightening, it is expected that the healing time would be longer. When the tummy tuck involves a partial or mini procedure, the recovery time is always shorter, because the area involved is smaller and less work is carried out during the procedure. Many people who go through that procedure could get back to their work routine within two weeks to one month after the procedure. Such patients can embark on activities that are more strenuous after six to eight weeks of the operation. However, your doctor would disclose your recovery time to you and your surgery type would determine that. This will determine the right time for you to get back to your regular activities.

What should I Expect after Surgery?

It is always known that abdominoplasty is a tough procedure, because different parts of the body are connected during the procedure such as the muscle, the skin, the fat and so on. Because of this, you are going to expect discomfort, as well as mild pain after the procedure. The pain is expected to be severe during the first few days after that procedure. Even a minor movement that you make can be very painful. Because of this, your doctor will always advice you to stay indoors and avoid movement. You should simply stay off your feet and have a sufficient rest. Within the surgery site, you are going to experience bruising, swelling, and general discomfort. Most importantly, your doctor will always advise you to take your medication as required.

Within seven to ten days after the procedure has been completed, especially when the drains are removed, it is likely that you are going to have the stitches removed on the next appointment you are going to have with the doctor. After everything has been removed, it is advisable that you put on a supportive garment in your abdomen. You can use this for the next six weeks; this will provide proper healing after the surgery has been concluded.

Tips to Prepare for Your Surgery

While you are waiting for the appointed day for the tummy tuck procedure, it is necessary that you stay on a high spirit. You should take important precautions to ensure that you remain healthy before the appointed time. Most importantly, you must maintain your current weight and the best way to achieve that is by eating healthy diets. Moreover, you can engage in light exercises to remain healthy and maintain a strong muscle. The procedure does not mean that you should reverse your eating habit. What matters most is that you maintain a good eating habit before and after the procedure was completed. Furthermore, you are advised against dropping in your weight and do not engage in a crash diet before you engage in that procedure.

Avoid contacting germs and the best way you can avoid that is by washing your hands frequently. All these precautions are important because there is no way you would be allowed for that procedure if you were not well or if you are not fit for it. You have to be healthy in order to avoid infections at the end of that procedure. Try to avoid people suffering from germs or diseases so that you do not contact such germs. Importantly, you have to take plenty of water and avoid smoking if you were a smoker at least within the next six weeks before the procedure is carried out. Even after the procedure, you should avoid smoking at least for sometimes. If you want to take any medication, it must be on your doctor’s advice. You must let the physician know any supplementation or drugs that you take before the procedure, this will help in decisions he takes. This is important to avoid any adverse reaction to the anesthetics. There should be good communication with your doctor as regards all your fears, including your daily habits. All these would help and make that procedure to be successful.

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