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Tummy Tuck Scar Removal

Tummy Tuck Scar Removal Scar is avoidable. Even if you have any kind of tummy tuck scar, there are various ways of getting rid of them. This procedure would help. Even if they do not achieve a complete scar removal, what is left after the procedures would be diminished such that you can hardly distinguish that it was once a scar.

If you are interested in getting rid of your tummy tuck scar, here are four possible removal treatment options available for you.

Dermabrasion Surgical Procedure Scar Revision

You can opt for this type of procedure when you have a wide or a long scar. People with this type of scar would always resort to this procedure because it will reduce the appearance of such scars and it does this by ensuring that there is a smooth reconnection with the other parts of the skin. It makes that portion of your skin regularly to the surrounding portions. They would look the same in terms of your skin texture and skin tone. In many cases, you can observe experts combining scar revision procedure with treatment options like dermabrasion, topical solution, as well as laser light therapy and so on.

Punch Grafting for Scars

This is the second tummy tuck scar removal method. This is also effective because it does away with the scar by removing them from the skin. The scar portion of the body would be replaced with skins removed from unaffected parts of the skin. Usually such skins are removed from parts of the body where it would not be noticed that something was removed. Though a new scar could form afterwards, but when it does that, you will hardly observe it. It will be smoother and the rest of the skin is going to be smooth.

Laser Treatment

This is another form of tummy tuck scar removal method. This method is scientific because it relies on the deployment of high energy light in order to remove such scars. If it fails to remove it completely, it would reduce it to an unnoticeable level. The laser you are exposed to as well as the total number of sessions you would be subjected to depend on two factors, which include the depth of the scar you want to remove, as well as the severity of the scar.

Use of Cream for Scar Removal

This type of scar tummy tuck removal method is also known as the Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction therapy. It is not in all cases that ointments and creams are going to work. As far as tummy tuck scar removal is concerned Dermefface FX7 can do the magic for you. It works, because it helps a lot in normalizing the skin level. Furthermore, it will stimulate the healing processes and healing covers all the layers of skin. Most importantly, you will discover that this can facilitate the development of healthy skin cells and it does that by removing the scar cells and increasing the rate skin regenerates.

These are the four major ways of removing scars from your tummy tuck. However, it is recommended that before you embark on any of these procedures, you must discuss that with your doctor. The doctor would guide you in determining the right type of procedure to embark. They know the ones that suit your tummy tuck scar very well.

Care Tips

After going through this type of procedure, your next major concern would be how to address the wound that would result from it. Any time you go through any of these procedures, you should expect to pass through the worst within the first 12 weeks of that procedure. As time goes on the scars would begin to heal, and you will be getting better, this is because the scar is going to fade within a very short time. Here are some of the ways that you can manage the scars after you have completed that procedure. Here are some of them.

Silicone sheeting: this type of treatment is sometimes regarded as over the counter treatment. The major aim is to help reduce the itching and pain. Moreover, this helps in smoothing and flattening the tummy tuck, apart from minimizing the scars.

Compression Garments: these garments are specifically designed for tummy tuck scars. The essence is to ensure an increase in the blood circulation, especially in the areas affected by the scar. Secondly, the garments ensure the steady application of right type of pressure. This pressure is needed because it ensures that tension on the incision is gradually released. It eventually leads to reduction in the scar size.

Pressure Tape: this is a medical paper tape. This tape is usually applied to the affected areas and this helps in compressing the scar and making it look flat again.

Scar Minimizing Creams: this is an important cream as it contains important ingredients that are needed for the removal of scars. Some ingredients it contained include minerals, cocoa butter, Vitamin E and different other kinds of minerals. These minerals are good, because they lighten the scars. Moreover, they are useful in providing nutrition for your skin, and promote healing as well. The best time to use this cream is only when the scars are healed.

Proper Diet and nutrition: when it comes to scar healing and removal, nothing can do it better than eating the right food. Such foods like proteins are known to be very effective in healing and removing scars. Protein facilitates repair and growth. In the same way, you need both Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These have proven to be effective in fighting infection. For proper healing, you require zinc. It is possible that blood can cloth along the wound area, because of this Vitamin K is always recommended.

These days it is easy for anybody to achieve the type of shape he or she wants. Medical science has advanced in such a way that you can achieve the perfect body shape. You can get it, but you must be prepared to pay the prices. If you want your tummy tuck scars removed, the tips provided above would help you to achieve that purpose.

Whom Is The Surgical Procedure Meant For ?

Liposuction is good for anybody who is having a weight problem. If you have a large fat deposit in some parts of the body, the most effective way of removing it is liposuction. When you are suffering from overweight, then you are the right candidate for this surgical procedure. You should know however that the process is not the best for the patient of obesity that is excessive overweight people.

However, you should know that the procedure is meant for those who are healthy and who are adults. Although there is no age limit for this medical procedure, it is recommended that such a person must be healthy. Age is an important factor in this type of procedure because as you advance in age, your skin would no longer be that elastic because a large fat deposit loses its ability to snap back after the medical liposuction. This means that the efficacy of the operation would depend on the skin elasticity. The procedure can be performed on almost anybody including smokers, athletes, and so on.

Liposuction could be painful; this is why it is important that medical prescriptions would be required after the medical procedure. You should know that quantity of fat you remove through the system amounts to the pain that follows it. This means that liposuction could be very painful. When severe pain persists for several weeks, it is a sign that there is a complication that follows it. Furthermore, it could be a sign that there is an infection. When the severe pain persists, you should complain to your surgeon for prompt reexamination.

The type of pain you suffer depends on the technique you use for the procedure. To reduce the pain you receive, you have to apply local anesthesia. You can apply general anesthesia depending on the portions of the body that would be affected by the procedure.

As said before the success depends on your happiness at the end of the exercise. At the end of the procedure, the patient should be comfortable, safe, and happy and fit for his normal activities. Your surgeon can always make the difference. When you hire a qualified, insured, and certified surgeon, you are going to get the best from this medical procedure.

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